Technology development in the smart phone field by plior


									Technology development in the smart phone field

First and foremost smartphone is a mobile phone, but a mobile phone which has
added additional features that make it a smart phone actually. These features, which
is about are in fact allow the phone to do more than use the phone as a seller make
calls. Actions that define the smartphone clever are: Front and sending emails, user
interface, free browsing on the web, downloading applications manufactured by
different applications developers and their operating mobile and more ...

Names of smartphones can have for features and functionality that will be there with
them. Also, also called Hebrew smartphone smart phone or "smart device". This term
to emphasize the difference between ordinary mobile phone which can not provide
the same content that exist smartphone.

Below are details about the different generations of smartphones:

The first generation of smart phones from the early 2000s. Smartphone era actually
began when mobile phones running on the Symbian operating system Nokia. When
these phones support a limited number of technologies and functionality compared to
today because it tied the nickname smartphones. When these devices provide
functions such as: can a PDA (PDA) such as Calendar and Contact Management,
synchronizing with the computer and software outlook (), phonebook and the ability
to browse the most basic rhythms excruciatingly slow (used by WAP or on GPRS can
read about them on Y-Cell).

 The second generation of smart phone technology combined effect of the PDA it
with a handheld cell phone and at this stage it was possible to read cell phone
Unlocked proper name. Here the rule of thumb is that when you start talking about
phone specifications in terms of home computer system or laptop then this is a
smartphone phone.

The third generation of smart phones can be paired with the smartphone and iPhone,
etc. and. When the difference between the second and third generations, they claim
the iPhone and the system Y-Cell that once launched iPhone enormous change in the
cellular world, since the iPhone combined a number of elements who committed a
significant change in the cellular field. In addition, the smartphone which could be
initially seen only owned the business after a while you could see it at all now.

Another interesting statistic is that once launched the third generation new opening
in turning the smartphone into the mainstream, where according to the process will
emerge new devices that meet certain actions and focus just as a device for
photographers combine professional camera that combines fact can connect to the
Internet to upload there pictures. In addition, these actions come at the expense of the

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