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									Recording software

Recording software is needed almost in every computer user. Variety of uses
including: recording songs, lectures, phone calls, etc..

You can find a wide range of recording software, from basic software (exists in
Windows) through more advanced software that allows a choice between a variety of
formats and quality levels and professional programs can include editing and
advanced features.

The first step is defining the need for recording. There is a significant difference in
the characteristics of the recording software for various purposes.
Characteristics of different recording software among those who need to record
songs in high quality compared with those who need to record phone conversations.
Or between those who seek a one-time recording solution for private and business
owner in the recording regularly and continuously and requires professional
recording software, a reliable and advanced features and user-friendly interface.

In general, the criteria that need to check are:
• Where are the required recording
• cumulative recording length
• amount of files
• Demand Management archive for future detection recording
• The need to make a recording, etc..

To focus the review we focus on the characteristics of two popular recording needs:
• Record tracks
• Recording Phone Calls

Software for recording and editing songs:
When we look Recording software for recording songs, we prefer software that
allows setting the recording format: WAV, MP3, Ogg, WMA and so on.
Also prefer software that allows determining the sound quality - Bit Rate, Audio
Sample rate and course choices Stereo, Mono.

You can find a wide range of software and chose two free software for recording and
editing songs recording:
Recording software: FREE Hi-Q Recorder - Free download

Editing software: Audacity - Free Download -
Phone call recording software:
Recording phone calls, the following characteristics should be considered:
• call sound quality is basic and therefore does not require high acoustic quality
• a large number of calls recorded and therefore requires software with compressed
recording format as possible.

Also, if the required professional software to record business calls or a call center, to
look for software that includes advanced features such as:
• Database management interface of the recorded conversations.
• the possibility to characterize the details of the call recording for detection
• the ability to perform automatic recording identifying conversation - if required
automatic recording of all calls.
• mechanism to stop recording - quiet mode detection - stop recording at the end of
the call.
• Maude option "hidden" - no indication of performance recording on a computer
Permissions management interface - who is allowed to copy, move, rename and
delete recordings.

Tlrkordr software (TelRecorder) - includes all the features
Hnizcrim above and other advanced features, including:
• Eligible recordings by email. (E-mail)
• can burn recordings at the touch of a button.
• Networking option positions with a number of central database. (Suitable for call
• Ability to set the file name Massena.
• keeping remote FTP server recordings and using a secure channel. (SSL)
• survivability mechanism in case of a failure in transferring recordings online.

The software is free and can be purchased both the application exe and about
ActiveX interface with other software running on client.

Recording phone calls Note that besides recording software, sound transmission
adapter required ongoing conversation on the phone to the computer.
Selecting the adapter note the following points:
• The adapter must be designed for recording of phone calls to a computer - because
that your phone has a 24V power - adapter required total impedance transformer. Use
standard adapter for normal tape recording conversations - not fit the mission and
constant sound recording production - a phenomenon defined as Ham '"
• Select a coordinator with the possibility of connection to connect the telephone line
and connect the phone. (Send "smart" or digital key of VOIP is not possible to
connect the branch line itself)
• make sure the adapter is manufactured according to the standard requirements and
the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Communications.
• If operation is required listening and quote - be sure that the adapter is completely
passive and can not be located.
• It is recommended to choose an adapter that plugs into the computer's sound card
or USB adapter. USB adapter performs a conversion operation analog sound of the
phone call Ldigieli - which affects the quality of the recording and disrupts the
activity of recording software performing automatic recording. While the adapter that
plugs into the sound card, the conversion action is the computer itself.

Recording system of Tlrkordr (TelRecorder) includes two types of adapters that
include all the features listed above.

In summary:
Recording software selection, has to first examine the needs and accordingly adjust
the software.
Have recording software that cost money, but provide advanced features that
improve the performance of current operations and enable recording and professional
business use.

If it was decided to purchase software, you should consider the alternatives offered a
comparison chart of features offered to any software prior to making a purchase.

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