Building a hierarchical organizational structure and the IT unit by plior


									Building a hierarchical organizational structure and the IT unit

The organizational structure of the IT unit is definitions responsibilities and authority
with the reporting chain within the unit and out into the organization's management.

I'm sure you asked yourself more than once at least one of the following questions:

Why did they wait to tell them what to do?
Why, despite the investment, there are still complaints from customers?
Why have to spend so much energy to reach a desired outcome?
Why run away from responsibility?
How do I take advantage of the skills of the employee to achieve the objectives of
the organization / unit?
How can I take on so much work?
How can I take on so many tasks at once?
In order to address some of the questions, check first of all, the organizational
structure of the computing unit. The organizational structure is like a skeleton of a
human body analogy . A person with short frame, for example, probably will not be
a basketball player, and a person with a long skeleton seems difficult for football. A
person with a skeleton displayed will most likely be a boxer, etc. However, there are
some differences:

Not born with this skeleton and you can try to replace it.

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Organization also has an informal organizational structures.

Enterprise internal political constraints.

So what to do?

Must be checked and re-definition of the organizational structure and powers re-
defining the IT unit.

Diagnosing organizational structure - to assess the compatibility between the existing
structure and goals and performance requirements. Diagnosing organizational
structure also points to gaps between formal structure defined, and the informal
structure actually exists and that things are different levels of the organization.

Expression of organizational values ??organizational structure - it is necessary to
match the organizational structure, with their poverty to implement new
organizational values. Without this adjustment, experience and studies show that
there is no change in the long run!

Redefinition of responsibilities and authority include organizational processes to
support change. Appropriate combination between soft processes is critical to the
success of difficult change. Use one of the only areas will mostly frustration.

Support decentralization processes - processes of decentralization of authority
require knowledge and experience to bring this matter scalability Undertake,
appropriately, the responsibilities and authority are transferred to them. Support of
distributed organizations need to ensure that the apprentice is not reduced by
strangling, decentralization is interpreted neglect etc..

Dilution organizational structure - the process of reducing the necessary
organizations to maintain critical functions in the organization alive. Like plants, so
organizations, pruning does not fit the entire industry will die. The pruning should be
done with utmost care and adapting organizational structures to changing market

Enforcement - after all living re-organizational structure and adding power /
employee responsibilities, should equip it with tools and power to enforce his
authority. If you work a certain position X first, Y employee could undermine him
and ignore his orders without having employee X the ability to put in place works Y-
chained corporate food "!

Just compensation - each employee receiving additional burden on the shoulders of
poverty, expecting reward. Rewards can be an addition to salary, a one-time bonus, a
new office, large vehicle / prettier and more. Non-employee compensation can lead
to frustration.

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