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									How to choose a document scanner

Almost every office has a combination of computers and filing systems. Combination
of the two helps to manage documents efficiently. Whether you work in a dentist's
office, or you own a construction company, there will always be invoices and other
documents to be kept and maintained over the years. This is why document scanner
is a great option for everyone to move all types of documents to your computer.

Using a scanner in combination with software for document management is efficient
and effective management of documents. Anyone can stack all the paperwork to start
the scanner and start scanning. Scanning documents using software enables
employees to combine documents directly to their electronic workflows. This enables
employees to find documents with text searches, restrict access by password, share
files with others via e-mail, and clean up all those paper folders that take up so much
space in the office.

Speed ??data transfer of all digital filing system using a desktop scanner and a
computer hard drive is high and can be crucial in an emergency. Storing all data, past
and present, the server can protect all of your information in an emergency, such as a
flood or fire.

Document scanners: what to look for -

Document scanners are more than just scanners. They can simplify your work and
increase work flow in the organization. This is why it's so important to find a desktop
scanner that works best for the organization and adapted to the needs of the
organization. Important features to check before buying:

Should document scanner ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). ADF scanner takes
many pages and scan them all in one pass.
The scanner should also scan quickly. This of course saves time, especially when just
starting the scanning project and convert many documents into the office without
Scanner should also scan two-sided documents in one pass (duplex scanning). You
definitely do not want to deal with manually scanning of two-sided page.
Decision about the quality is also important, the quality should be good enough so
that you can easily read and if necessary print electronic documents.
Recommendation is a resolution of around 200 dpi for documents and photos.
Make sure that the scanner allows a choice of color before scanning - Scan in color
or black and white.
Another feature is the use of the scanner will be easy. The scanner should be simple
to use and operate, not just to scan documents, but also to find and manage files that
are created.
 Finally, it is certainly necessary to look for scanners that can scan format, PNG,
TIFF, JPG, PDF and provide software that will assist in locating and managing
electronic documents.
Recommendation regarding the management of documents is converting documents
into electronic documents and management using document management software.

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