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									Excel as a program analysis reports

Excel program analysis reports
Dear Manager, Excel Did you know there are options that can investigate the
performance of tables, viewed from different angles, to extract only the most
relevant things you all in just a few clicks in Excel?
If you have Excel EXCEL office at your disposal a tool much more powerful than
you think, a tool that can do creative things with much more sophisticated than
writing or creating a formula.

It is important to know that when a business / company uses Excel - his vision
software is unique, not as a private individual using Excel. Here it is important to
know who can use Excel in a creative way to increase productivity and efficiency.

To illustrate and demonstrate what it is - this article I will explain briefly how to use
Excel database to streamline and improve the display of sales data or other
information relevant to your business.

As this is only one example of many creative use sophisticated tools that.

Many are familiar with the Excel software Microsoft's spreadsheet to simple
formulas such as mathematical operations, statistical formulas for finding different
values ??and many automated functions to more complex calculations such as salary
calculations and scientific calculations.

In this article I want to highlight another aspect of the Excel software which not
many people know of its ability to improve our financial performance, analyze
reports, extracted from the depths of a huge report of thousands of rows and columns
- the most interesting figure us. All this and much more becomes possible when we
learn to use Excel database about DATA BASE rather than calculation program.

The Excel database allows operations like screening, sophisticated filters, data
consolidation and can also display summary form data from different perspectives.

In fact the Excel matrix is ??first designed to be used to create computerized
databases and tables to process them, investigate, draw conclusions for your home or

When we look at the Excel spreadsheet that we see basically a table built two and
dinner - a network of brick with columns and rows - and the middle of the
intersection in the cells - which we record and store our data.

The Excel column headers - each table will have a title bar with a header for each
Design - title bar will be a different style data - such emphasis.
Hybrid - not to mix and record in the cells several types of data such as words and
numbers. Each cell has a particular data record.
Continuity of data in Excel - database must be contiguous - no space bar or column
When we have a large table with hundreds and thousands of lines, should be
arranged in the same database and then after it is built properly organized and it can
run the appropriate tools.

Appropriate tools to analyze databases are: Sorting all its forms, data filtering,
subtotals, create reports and last tool and most importantly a pivot table.

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