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									Is the IRS ruining your life?

 Don’t take on the IRS alone. You can end the despair you feel right now.

Are you afraid of losing everything? You can end the despair you feel right now by reaching out to
AmeriStar’s tax professionals to help solve your IRS nightmare.

IRS problems have a way of ruining every aspect of your life if you let them. They don’t go away on their
own. The IRS can attach your wages, your pension, your savings, even your social security check.

There are few financial situations that can be as stressful to deal with as IRS debt. Fortunately, there's no
need for you to try and resolve your problems with the IRS on your own. AmeriStar is prepared to handle
all communication and correspondence with the IRS during your case until a tax resolution has been

Turn to AmeriStar and level the playing field.

                                                   Our team of professional’s have an exceptional track
                                                   record - and have helped thousands manage their
                                                   personal and business finances by resolving their
                                                   federal and state tax collection problems.

                                                   AmeriStar Tax Centers staff of tax professionals,
                                                   Enrolled Agents, and CPAs have many years of
                                                   combined experience in dealing with IRS issues. Our
                                                   tax professionals are comprised of former state
                                                   revenue officers, IRS agents and tax advocates that
                                                   now work to protect your rights when dealing with the
Just call our toll free number 800-233-4700, and then select option 5 to hear a 5 minute recorded message on
how AmeriStar representation can make a difference.

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