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									Introduction to ABAP   ABAP Exercises

             Chapter 11
Introduction to ABAP                                                  ABAP Exercises

Exercise (Chapter 11):
In this exercise, you will write a program to help you to understand aggregate functions,
joins, and subqueries.

After completing this exercise, you will be able to:
 Understand how aggregate functions work
 Understand how to use joins
 Understand how to use subqueries

Estimated time to complete this exercise: 70 minutes

These exercises provide practice working with the concepts learned in Chapter 11.

Exercise 1
You are to create a program that generates a report with concert information (from the
YCONCERT table). To do this, copy program YIN015 from the development class
YINTRODUCTION as your own and rename it YIN015_XX. Fill in the select statement
using the appropriate aggregate functions.

This report should include the number of entries in the table, the sum of the seats
occupied, the maximum number of seats occupied, and the average number of seats
occupied. Use aggregate functions to calculate these amounts. See the sample output to
determine the contents and layout of the report. Refer to the manual for the answers.
Introduction to ABAP                                                  ABAP Exercises

Exercise 2
Create a new program named YIN0016A_XX. Understanding the concept of inner and
outer joins will be an important part of your ABAP training. Projects will generally
discourage the use of nested selects and/or logical databases. For all the exercises that
follow, you should use joins wherever possible. For this exercise you should use tables
MARA and MARD. Using an inner join, write a report that gives the following
information about materials with a material type of “DIEN":
        Material Number
        Material Type
        Storage Location
Use the system field sy-dbcnt to track the number of database hits. Refer to Program
YIN016A for the solution.
Introduction to ABAP                                                   ABAP Exercises

Create a program named YIN016B_XX. Returning the same fields as the inner join, use
an outer join to write the report. Again, include sy-dbcnt in your output list to track the
database hits. Which table is the driving table, and why? Does the OUTER JOIN return a
different list? Refer to Program YIN016B for the solution.

Exercise 3

Name your program YIN0017_XX. This exercise will familiarize you with the concept of
subqueries. Using a sub-query, find all the records in the SCARR table that do not exist
in SFLIGHT. Write out the name of the airline carrier, and their carrier Ids. Your report
will return 17 records. Refer to Program YIN017 for the solution.
Introduction to ABAP   ABAP Exercises

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