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									Introduction to ABAP        ABAP Exercises

                Chapter 8
Introduction to ABAP                                                  ABAP Exercises

Exercise (Chapter 8):
In these exercises you will get hands on experience using the Online Debugger Tool.
You will work with the debugger to observe the execution of a program.

After completing this exercise, you will be able to:
 Understand how the debugger steps through each line of source code in an ABAP
   program and populates both fields and internal tables.

Estimated time to complete this exercise: 30 minutes

The following exercises provide practice working with the concepts learned in Chapter 8.

Exercise 1
Look at your exercise YIN010_XX in the debugger to see that even though you did not
output anything to a list, your internal table was still populated. (You will need to type
the name of your internal table in the debugger in the TABLE view). See below for a
picture of what the debugger will look like. Notice that for internal tables WITH a header
line, a bowler hat denotes the header line. (Circled in the illustration).
Introduction to ABAP                                                ABAP Exercises

Exercise 2
Copy the program YIN024 to your own development class as and rename the copied
program to YIN024_XX. Correct the code so that it compiles. Then use the Debugger to
correct any other errors. You should make a total of four corrections. Refer to Program
YIN024_ANSWER for the solution.

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