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                Chapter 7
Introduction to ABAP                                                     ABAP Exercises

Exercise (Chapter 7):
In these exercises you will write programs to help you to understand internal tables with
and without header lines.

After completing this exercise, you will be able to:
 Understand how internal tables work and the differences between internal tables with
   and without header lines.

Estimated time to complete this exercise: 30 minutes

The following exercises provide practice working with the concepts learned in Chapter 7
and Chapter 7a.

Exercise 1:
Name your program YIN010_XX. The efficiency experts have looked at your programs
and have decided that hitting the database repeatedly with the select statement is
extremely inefficient (I know, I was shocked too). They suggest you take all the
information from the list you created for the last exercise (program YIN009_XX) and
first put it into an internal table before writing it out to a report. Create and populate an
internal table that will hold the information you would like to select from the database.
First create an internal with a header line, next, change your program to use an internal
table with a separate work area. Refer to Program YIN010 for solutions to both

Exercise 2
Copy your last program as YIN011_XX. Write a program identical in purpose to
YIN009_XX but using the internal table you created in YIN010_XX. Also, you should
change the ON CHANGE OF statement to an AT…ENDAT statement. The output
should be identical. Refer to Program YIN011 for the solution.

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