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					Type                          BHK                       Size (sq. ft.)            Price (Rs.)

Residential Apartments        1BR-1T (Studio)           560 sq ft
                                                                                  (5691/sq ft)

Residential Apartments        3BR-3T-SR                 1760 sq ft
                                                                                  (5000/sq ft)

Residential Apartments        3BR-3T-SR                 2100 sq ft
                                                                                  (5000/sq ft)

Residential Apartments        4BR-4T-SR                 2700 sq ft
                                                                                  (5000/sq ft)

Residential Apartments        4BR-4T-SR                 3475 sq ft
                                                                                  (5000/sq ft)

Sunworld Arista - Sector 168, Noida
Sunworld group Launch New Project In Noida Sector168 SUNWORLD ARISTA , The heart wants what it
wants. Be it a midnight snack at a 5star hotel or an impulsive shopping spree. A simple stroll through a
lush green landscape on a fresh winter morning or last minute plan to eat out. The only thing the heart
does not want is to wait.

Which is why at Sunworld Arista, we have created your world around the one thing that matters the
most: You. A residential township carefully crafted to be close to your needs yet far away from
everydayness. A home where you will find everything that you can ask for just a few steps away.

Sunworld Arista resale - Sector 168, Noida

Since its inception in Feb 2008, SUNWORLD INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. has been focused on developing and
transforming real estate development in India, by building reasonable luxury accommodations to suit
every requirement of all sections of society. The journey of SUNWORLD since 2008 has been inspired by
timeless values and firmly rooted principles that have shown the company the way to remarkable
growth in the new millennium. The promoter team includes young thinkers who have a rich knowledge
and comprehension of various fields of Trade and Industry, to bring you the real legacy of the best
services. With Real Estate being the company's primary business, these innovative promoters have come
forth with ultramodern housing projects that feature first-class facilities to make living healthier and
smarter. The strict adherence to the highest standards of quality allows the company to create a
sumptuous lifestyle which is to be craved for.
Sunworld infrastructure is an incorporated business conglomerate that aspires to attain strong
intensification and expansion of real state and investment ventures. This visionary enterprise
ambarks on meticulous apporach to under- stand, build and then achieve the dynamism of
business space solution, Sunworld strides ahead to blend IT business with other professional
facets, like corporate style amenities, security, medical, banking and recreational facilities.
Heralded by a team of promoters that includes young and dynamic thinkers with a rich and
comprehensive knowledge in various fields of Trade and Industry,Sunworld Infrastructure Ltd.
has played a pioneering role in transforming real estate development in India since its inception
in Feb 2008.

Focused on building equitable luxury accommodations to suit the requirements of all sections
of the society, Sunworld has created a new benchmark by coming up with ultramodern housing
projects that adhere to the highest quality standards and the strictest ecological criterions to
make life healthier and smarter.

Crafting highly covered lifestyles for the masses as well as the classes, the company measures
its success by only one standard: Customer Satisfaction.


Since its inception in Feb 2008, Sunworld has always focused on developing projects that
embrace Nature, making available Luxury that is also reasonable, being unwaveringly
Committed to quality and Strengthening its goodwill by way of efficiency and ingenuity. Speed
of operations and strict adherence to time schedules without compromising on quality has
always been a Sunworld hallmark.


Sunworld Group has devoted itself to being an authority at quality service. With farsightedness,
and a stickler eye for perfection we have ensured a name for ourselves in a couple of years we
have been in the Real Estate business. Further along time, we aim to maintain this winning
streak; under the guidance of the Directors & CEO, we are destined to reach many a milestones.
As envisioned, the company wishes to reach new heights of excellence, building homes with
world class architecture and greater standard of life.

At Sunworld projects, our mission is to provide, and provide the best in the best way. With
quality as a baton, and a drive to excel, we have made a significant name for our self. The pillars
of perfection on which Sunworld is erected are made with experience, hard work, punctuality
and a regard for the good of all. Our structures exemplify the notion of green Infrastructure,
embracing the gift of Nature and adding it as a boon to the quality of life. With carefully crafted
architecture, we have acknowledged luxury at a reasonable barter. Our strict schedules are
created to generate maximum efficiency and a speedy operation, all of it so you don't break a


Our commitment to be the best has lead us to think about the bigger picture concerning us. At
Sunworld, we believe in structures that stands the test of time. We aim to build for not just the
present or the near future but to create an artifact that stays for generations to feast their eyes
on; a thing of beauty that invites applause by millions. We have chosen to pave a way so as to
inspire others, leaving behind an imprint of perfection. Every building we erect is there to
conjure up an expression of exuberance over time. At Sunworld, we ask ourselves one question.
"What would our legacy be?"

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Description: Sunworld Arista(Book - 9910007460 9910003520 resale / New )Noida located on Sector-168, Noida Expressway comeing with the New luxurious 2/3/4 BHK Appartments in Noida. It is a Whole lifetime investment for best buying the your dream Homes.