Mindy Pordes's Strong Work Ethic Helps Her To Achieve Proficiency In Her Profession by MindyPordes


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									Mindy Pordes's Strong Work Ethic Helps Her To Achieve Proficiency In Her Profession

Mindy Pordes is a dedicated real estate professional with years of experience backing her. She has achieved
twenty years of individual and team success in sales, new business development and market entry in the highly
competitive sector of real estate. She possesses an in-depth understanding of each phase of the development
process of project such as operations, sales management and project sell out. She is a creative leader who
works with her team members and ensures that the delegated tasks are completed with excellence and within
stipulated time frame. She utilizes her project management skills to successfully execute programs that deliver
millions of dollars in form of profitable returns.

A successful businesswoman, Mindy Pordes is always curious to seek out the needs of customers and how they
can be met in creative ways. She delivers exceptional customer services to the clients and aims at building long-
lasting and productive relationships. She is recognized for her excellent entrepreneurial skills and the undying
conviction to continue on in every circumstance. She has always remained optimistic irrespective of the difficulty
of situations. She utilizes her excellent communication and interpersonal skills to encourage her team members
to perform at the best of their abilities. She manages, trains and develops sales professionals. She brings a
strong work ethic to her profession.

Mindy Pordes keeps herself updated about the new innovations and technologies in the industry. She leverages
technology and trends to promote business growth. She is proficient with MS Word and Excel, Site Manager and
CMS. She keeps an eye over the trends and changes taking place in the real estate industry so as to offer the
most efficient services to her clients. Her areas of specialization include sales planning, competitive market
positioning, sales team recruiting, management, development and retention and many more. Her peers,
competitors as well as clients rank her as a hard working professional and a visionary. For more details about
Mindy Pordes and her business achievements, please browse through      www.pordesresidential.com.

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