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how to ace a job interview


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									How To Ace A Job Interview

If you to get that job and nail the job interview, you had better be sure to take the right steps. Right now,
jobs are harder to get than any other time. The unemployment rate is continually rising throughout the
nation and you have to make the most out of any job interview opportunity that you get. If you want to ace
a job interview, do the following:

Shake hands

When you meet with your prospective employer, you should be sure to shake their hand. This is appropriate
for both men and women. You should also make sure that you stand up when you shake hands and look the
interviewer in the eye. Shaking hands is an old custom and one that is still very much in practice, especially
in the business world. In social situations, women can sit down and shake hands, but in business situations,
women and men should stand up before shaking hands.

Make eye contact

Look the employer in the eye when you meet him or her as this is a sign of trustworthiness. If you evade
your employer's eyes, it can be taken as a sign of dishonesty. In some cultures, it is rude to make eye
contact, but in the western culture, it is rude not to make eye contact. You should look your employer in the
eye when talking to them as this is a sign of being honest and trustworthy.

Be confident

Nothing will mess up your chances of getting the job like a lack of confidence. Make sure that you exhibit
confidence when you are interviewing for a job. A lack of confidence can be taken for a lack of abilities.
The interviewer will take your lack of confidence as a sign that you may not be able to handle the job. You
should be confident during your job interview so that you can ace the interview.

Never admit weaknesses

If your employer asks trick questions such as what your weakness is or some equally inane question, never
admit any weaknesses. Never say that you have a problem getting to work on time or that you cannot pay
attention. Never say that you cannot get along with others. Employers sometimes ask questions that are
baited to get the prospective employee to admit to a fault. Do not admit to faults if you want to ace the job

Be positive about your ex employer

Even if your ex employer was like Attila the Hun, do not say anything bad about them to your prospective
new employer. You will appear like a negative person. Be positive about any experience that you had on
your last job and talk positively about the job and your ex employer. You can ace the job interview if you
follow these simple rules.

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