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									Tips Positive Educating Children with Good and True

Tips Positive Educating Children with Good and True
During this time you may be baffled dngan tips how to educate children properly, especially in
these bad boys. The author believes most parents and educators, especially educators in early
childhood education institutions (ECD) and kindergarten often find tips that fit with the character
of their children face. It will also determine the aspects of child development and psychological
condition. Immediately, we entered on the discussion of this article.

Here is a good way to educate children and positive:

1. Teach children to love and care for himself.

How: Consider yourself first. Always make time for yourself personally in the midst of your daily
worries. Take time for you to exercise, take care of yourself, and take time for personal
development. Do you realize that parents who do not value themselves will raise children with
similar properties!

2. Spend quality time every day.

Show me how you really happy for her presence. Be 'Expert Happy' for your children. Change
your time doing daily tasks become a precious and special moments. Singing, hugging, sharing
laughter and stories can make ordinary moments into unforgettable.

3. Be a good listener.

It is not easy for parents. How often interrupted and busy parents with advice, even when the
child is not finished? Keep your misgivings at the time of listening. Try to listen to your child
completely without judgment. You need to resist the temptation to think about or give your own
opinion. Listen to them with an open and compassionate. Forget yourself and put yourself in
your child's perspective. Ask questions instead of giving opinions. How to listen without judging
parents will make children feel accepted and understood.

4. Often laughing, because the excitement was contagious!
Suppose that at this point you selected to do the '30 day challenge smiling with friends'! You will
witness the miracle of the joy and love you bring to those around you. Make everyday moments
into extraordinary thanks to the excitement and passion you bring to it.

5. Give recognition and appreciation.

Train yourself starting to pay tribute to every success, even the small ones, you have done
today. Teach yourself to give sincere appreciation for simple tasks that you managed to finish.
This award will give new vigor in your life to run a bigger task.

Take 5 minutes for yourself each day to think about and write down the successes you have
achieved today. Feel how you change your life, enjoy the new spirit that fills your every activity.
Share the award is also to your children. Give praise, recognition and sincere appreciation to
them. Remember, a good appreciation emphasis on action, not on achievement.

6. Discipline children with respect.

Teach children partly responsible for routine tasks in the household. Children who participate
actively involved in routine tasks in the household of his adult life will have a sense of greater

Fix them with tenderness mistake but you have to keep consistent. Give the natural
consequences of the breach in order to teach responsibility. Do not scold the child let alone
humiliated in front of others for mistakes they did.

Invite them to a quiet place to talk to just one with you. Give very clear understanding of why
this is wrong. Ask the children to apologize when he did wrong. You also need to apologize to
the children at times when you're guilty or dereliction of your promise to them. Discipline and
children without showing the power of your anger, then the child will learn to grow up with high
self-control. Convey the message to them that although their behavior can be improved, but still
love you as a parent and love them.

7. Give space for your children to make mistakes.
Remember, that every person, especially a child, is entitled to make mistakes. Mistakes are part
of the learning process. Find good in the mistakes they do, then your child will learn to dare to
struggle with the challenges and risks.

8. Instill the values of honesty, responsibility, and a spirit of mutual help.

Indicate in your daily life how you always consistent with these values. Involve your children
also in social activities that you routinely do. Your children will grow up with strong positive
character in themselves.

9. Fokuskanlah your attention on the things that go right.

Have faith that affirms your family in difficult times. Your children will learn to become a person
who is optimistic and grateful every day. Practice positive attitude to find positive things in every
day and thank him always.

That is slightly positive tips in educating children properly. A little further input from me in doing
the above tips do not you do all these tips in one time. Start with an effective troubleshooting
tips and went to the other if it is run effectively and efficiently.

Love your child unconditionally sincere, and express the magnitude of your affection to them.
Children who are in genuine affection will grow more excited, confident, fun, and reliable.
Children are always accompanied by love also will continue to pass on his love to the
surrounding environment.

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