How to Educate Children To Become A Clever Kids Good According to Islam by ayiindra1


									How to Educate Children To Become A Clever Kids Good According
to Islam

How to educate children that often ask parents to consult psychiatrists at child development
issues. How to educate children saperti what can make children smarter, in terms of both the
world and the hereafter. One of the reasons why parents have an important role in educating
children to become smart kids is because it is the duty of parents to children. According to the
Islamic way of educating children is starting to educate from within the house, starting from the
formation of good character, attitude and mentality. How to educate children of Islam has clearly
taught, can be seen at the time of the Prophet Muhammad educate wives, children and their
families. It is unclear how the parents have an important role in mendidika children.

Even beberpa parents concerned about this because the full activity so that the current era, the
role of parents is almost extinct in the family, because it is not strange if the upper class who
could not or could not take the time to educate children at home by their left the nature or baby
sister school / child care that is paid for educating special children.

For parents who are concerned with how to educate children, here we studied a bit of a clever
way to educate children well according to Islam. Among them are:

  How to raise our children to love and care for himself.
  How: Long before any ambition in you to succeed educate children. Therefore, the role of
parents is very important in this case. To start it all, try to look at yourself first. Always make time
for children in the midst of your daily worries. Make time for exercising, taking care of yourself,
and take time to for your personal development. We realize that parents who do not value
themselves will raise children with similar properties ..
  Make every day a time. Valuable
  Indicate how bahagiaanya us the presence of a child. Be 'Expert Happy' for your children.
Change your time doing daily tasks become a precious and special moments. Make the
moment unforgettable and memorable at the time was with the children, playing, hugging,
sharing laughter and stories can make ordinary moments into unforgettable.
  Good parents are good listeners.
  The phenomenon that is difficult to apply to most parents. Because it is not easy for parents.
Where the sidelines busy, often when a child tells a parent interrupts it and reluctant to listen to
what is being told the child. Try to listen to your child completely without judgment. You need to
resist the temptation to think about or give your own opinion. Listen to them with an open and
compassionate. Forget yourself and put yourself in your child's perspective. Ask questions
instead of giving opinions. How to listen without judging parents will make children feel accepted
and understood.
  Show happiness with a laugh, because the excitement was contagious!
  Have you ever done this ..? assume at this point yourself challenged 'for 24 hours smiling
with friends'! You will witness the miracle of the joy and love you bring to those around you.
Make everyday moments into extraordinary thanks to the excitement and passion you bring to it.
  Educate children early discipline.
  One successful tagakny educate children is to discipline the child kesaharian. Teach children
partly responsible for routine tasks in the household. Children who participate actively involved
in routine tasks in the household of his adult life will have a sense of responsibility over their
mistakes besar.Perbaiki with tenderness and love sayng but you have to keep consistent. Give
the natural consequences of the breach in order to teach responsibility. Do not scold the child
let alone humiliated in front of others for mistakes they did.
  Reward and acknowledge your child's best.
  Try lah train yourself to always pay tribute to any successes, even the small ones, you have
done today. Teach yourself to give sincere appreciation for simple tasks done son. This award
will encourage the child to perform a bigger task.

Berikutlah some way to educate children that can be applied, with the hope you will be
successful at being a parent. There is no point above means if just on reading without being
done in sincerity and without. Basically your child a favor and success today and the future is
yours. Therefore it is best to do for your child is make them more valuable than wealth and jobs
during this banyka spend your time. Remember ..?? Success is not the result of a struggle. But
that success is prosess of a struggle to be better ..?

"Child = Parent, Parent - Child >> .."

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