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									                                 Data Centers -Vital for Business Continuity

Globalization and technological growth along with the changing customer demands led to organizations
requiring faster internet connectivity and non-stop operation. For enterprises with the global presence,
responding to customers demands from a different timezone needed the enterprises to be working
24/7. Further the large amount of data transferred and stored digitally enterprises needed to install
high-end infrastructure and networking equipment to always remain connected. This led to the
development of internet data centers.

However, the boom of the data centers came in with the dot-com bubble. With new technologies and
practices designed to handle the vast data interchange along with the large scale operation of the
global enterprise, the IT operations are a crucial aspect of every organization. However, a major cause
of concern for these enterprise is business continuity disaster recovery, as they rely on their
information systems to run their operations. Non-availability of the system hinders organizational
operations. Thus to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, and to minimize chances of
disruption, the facilities of data management moved towards third party data centers service providers

As the business world converses electronically through widely networked IT infrastructure, security of
information and business critical data is of great concern. A minor data breach can lead to heavy
losses for the enterprise. Data centers with their origins from the early computer era in the form of
exclusive computer rooms have today taken over the role of ensuring security and accessibility of the
critical business data irrespective of the size of the enterprise. Further, technological innovations have
paved way for cloud computing services led environment with applications and data being transferred
through the cloud. Business enterprises and government organizations thus need to scrutinize the level
of security and compliance to the regulatory standards.

The modern data center therefore maintain high standards of security, integrity and functionality of its
hosted computer environment which is accomplished through redundancy of fiber optic cables and
emergency backup power generation. The internet Data Centers from leading service providers besides
catering for the entire IT infrastructure requirements also offer colocation services and dedicated
hosting to firewall and backup solutions thus helping enterprise with a safe, supported and world-class
facilities accessible anytime.
  The data centers with their shared hosting service facilities provide a scalable bandwidth across local
  area network along with load balancing of the servers and advanced firewall protection. The co-
  location services ensure speed, reliability and security, whereas the high-performance dedicated
  servers by hosting the mission-critical and resource-intensive applications makes vital business
  information accessible to the networked teams. All these services together ensure business continuity
  and disaster recovery for the global enterprise.

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