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In today's world with the internet media then running a business becomes increasingly
globalized. If you normally sell your products or services offline that you normally do in your
business premises such as shops and through a network marketing business, you can now sell
your products or services on the internet using the website immediately boooom ..., your market
becomes more widespread, You can reach markets throughout Indonesia market directly or
greater to markets around the world. Stay you decide, you want to focus on to reach the market

The difference when you sell offline to online selling is when you sell offline only, then
prospective buyers you get from the people who come into your store, but by selling online then
you can reach out to people who have internet access wherever they are opening website.
Once you open up a new market. Because that's how when you now start selling into markets
around the world???

The bigger the market is certainly getting better and the difference between selling your product
to market Indonesia alone or to the whole world market is only distinguished by how you send
your product later. Goods are shipped the same, only different shipping costs alone, to go
abroad you can wear a more expensive shipping costs to buyers.

As a beginning to start it, surely you must have a product or service that can be sold on the
internet, then either create a website or online shop with a modest sales website. And on the
website, you can display the products and services you offer with the data as detailed as
possible, including product photos and specifications.

so that prospective buyers can see what the product will he get later, and with a detailed
product data, so prospective buyers can decide directly on the website or do not want to buy at
that time.

Because the internet without restriction area, then your website featuring the product can be
seen and your offer can be read by people outside of Indonesia and if your offer attractive and
your product is a product that sought and needed by them, then they can buy the product and
did you order on your website. But the problem that arises then is how you can receive payment
for the products that you will sell if there are buyers from overseas and order your products on
your website? The solution at the moment is PayPal.

PayPal is a tool for transacting online that can accept payments from credit cards and transfers
from other PayPal accounts, PayPal and the good news has reached Indonesia. People can
now use PayPal Indonesia full feature. You can accept credit card payments from your
customers for each sale of the product on your website, you can receive or make payments to
other PayPal account, you can receive payments from the sale of your products on,
or you can ask for transfer of money from colleagues your business. In short, PayPal is an
online account to trade and receive money online. And the money collected later in the PayPal
account you can lighten your bank account throughout Indonesia within 5-7 working days. So
you get a dollar from the sale of the product or service and will be converted into dollars, so you
receive the money in your bank account is in the form of dollars.

In opening an account on, PayPal provides three types of accounts you can choose
according to your needs are personal accounts, premier accounts, and business accounts.
Personal accounts are used for you personally intend to use PayPal for online shopping
purposes only with no intention to sell products online, while for Premier and Business accounts
are used for those who like to use PayPal as a payment on your website to sell products and
services on the website . Premier and Business account serves a similar function, but with the
addition of a multi-user access to a PayPal account that is accessed by more than one user
when you select a business account. Business Account earmarked for the company, so you
open a PayPal account in the company name while using the premier personal name. To get
started you simply open a premier account and you can upgrade later.

So in short you need to do to sell your products or services to markets around the world,
1. You have a product or service to sell online.
2. You create a website such as an online store or website selling simple to display your product
or service in detail and give your offer to every visitor of your website.
3. You use a PayPal buy now button on your website, so that potential buyers can click the
order and make payment.
4. And after you receive the payment that you can see in your PayPal account, then you send
the product by mail for a physical product and if you sell digital products such as software,
ebooks and others, if possible send it directly via the internet so that buyers can download on
the website so you do not send it to spend.
Coupled with the presence of PayPal, in addition you can sell products on your website, you can
also sell (put) your product on which is the world's largest auction site, where using paypal as the main tool to transact.
Congratulations Doing business on the Internet with PayPal!

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