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									18 Intelligent Promotion Strategy

Manufacturer of a good product or service, require an appropriate promotion strategy to
introduce products to the consumer. Product promotion strategy is needed. Due to the absence
of promotional activities, a product will not be known to the public. So entrepreneurs competing
uses a variety of strategies to promote their products, in order to gain the attention of the public.

Product promotion activities, not always require considerable expense. For those of you who
have a limited budget though, promotional products can also be done. Most important is your
creativity to develop promotional strategies to minimize the fund. But still keep in mind, the
optimal promotion fund, will necessarily result in a more optimal market response. Therefore, in
addition to information, the following 18 we inform smart promotional strategy, almost no cost at

1. Compile a list of promotional plans
First, draw up a plan of campaign to attract consumers, ranging from promotional objectives,
target market, value products to be offered, the amount of budget funds used, and make a list of
promotional activities to introduce your product to the consumer.

2. Define the concept of promotion before starting a business
Before you start, find out the amount of interest the consumer to use or buy your product. Next
specify the desired promotion concept, if necessary, add a logo or slogan specifically on
products that consumers remember product or business.

3. Choose the right target market
If your budget is limited, you should focus on your target market your product to a particular
community or group that has a need for your product. If the product has already spread and
known to the public, you can expand the target market.

4. Focus on the customer
Assist consumers to resolve their problems, so make sure customers by providing useful
information on how your product to them.
5. Meet customer demand
Consumers are people who know best the needs what they want, so listen to them and meet
demand by creating products that consumers want. In order to create products that fit with
today's consumers demand.

6. Provide free information
Provide free information related to your product, for example by providing brochures, letters, or
provide a website that provides free information to the news up to date, if necessary, send sms
to inform the latest promotion of your product.

7. Gunakanan online marketing
Promotion can be done by sending an email to its customers as a form of communication. It
could also create a group via facebook or twitter, so that consumers know your product
information via the internet, which can reach consumers locally and internationally.

8. Take advantage of media relations
Try to keep your business or loaded electronically mediated mass, so that information can be
widespread business for free. Especially for small and medium enterprises, many of the media
who wish to cover it. Expand your network by searching for media relations can be cooperative
to promote your business.

9. Go to the community
Community media is a good option for small and medium enterprises that have limited funds, to
promote its products. If you sell to the community that often you follow, we do not need
advertising costs.

10. Installing billboard
Billboards in strategic locations is a great promotional tool. Due easily seen and read by passing
the site.

11. Do the little things that have a major impact
Little things like giving smiles, greetings, clean bathrooms, pick up the phone on the third ring,
attractive business cards, as well as the cleanliness of your business location turned out to
affect the consumer image of the business and the products you offer.
12. Give a gift to the consumer
No need expensive gifts, gifts such as free shipping, or a free soft drink, was the main attraction
for consumers who use your product. So they do not hesitate to re-use your product.

13. Use word of mouth strategy
The most effective promotion is through word of mouth marketing. By providing information on
the consumer hit, they will forward the information to others. So that product information is
spread among the people.

14. Avoid imitating famous product
Avoid the use of promotional strategies that are often used for other products. Try to find a
strategy that has never been used and sparked the curiosity of consumers to buy the product.

15. Do not consider competitors as the enemy
In addition to the negative impact, to compete with competitors only be costly and will only be
price competition. So that consumers will switch to other products whose prices stable.

16. Cross promotions (Cross-promote)
Enter your latest promotional products ready launched, on any promotional activities that you
do. Thus, in a one-time promotional activities, can inform the product that you have as much as

17. Ads alternative ending
Advertising is not a staple in the marketing strategy, because it usually takes a lot of cost. When
funds are limited, try to choose the right place ads on your target. So that the cost is not wasted.

18. Waiting for results
The latter patiently waiting for the results, because the sale is ongoing activity. So do not get
immediate results when promotion period, the results are visible only after the campaign is
completed. Give time for consumers to assess your products, and let time work to sell your

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