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									               Different types of CDR and DVD cases for your needs

                                               People don’t give so much importance to the kind or type
of DVD cases they are using, whether it is a plastic DVD or CD cases or paper CD sleeves. Most often,
people are just leaving their CDs exposed. This makes the multimedia susceptible to different elements
that may harm or corrupt them.

As technology becomes more and more advanced, the need for high performance cases are also required
to keep them safe. Today movie, photography and even medical sectors have shifted to the use of
lightweight and portable CDs and DVDs instead of the heavy tapes. By saving them to DVD discs, they
become very light, and easy to carry anywhere.

If you are searching for the right cases for your multimedia files, find the information below to guide you
in which cases you can use.

       Keep Case: It is also tagged as poly-box and is a popular case for DVDs. It can be made of soft
        and clear or coloured plastic such as clear, black, white, green and gray.
       Jewel cases: These holders are mostly made of plastic material that may be coloured or
        colourless. Majority of the jewel cases are designed for Primera bravo II ink, but it may also be
        utilized for DVDs. Basically, this type has three parts including the front, middle and back. The
        front holds the paper artwork while the center is where the disc lies and the back to secure the
        back cover and provides support to the middle portion.

Snap Case: It has the same size as the regular keep case. They are mostly made of both plastic and paper
board. The cover is made up of paper board while the back side is composed of plastic. They are
alternatives to offer huge savings and are known to be eco-friendly products. But due to their fragile
design, they become less popular choice among the users. These holders are the most used item for
keeping discounted Half size dvd cases.

       Sleeves: These types are used for safekeeping Primera ink cartridge. There are commonly two
        kinds, one which is made of paper and the other which is made of cardboard. Discs are first
        placed in vinyl sleeves before putting them to cardboard sleeves.

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