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									Short Guide to mobile operating systems
iPhone OS - belonged to Apple as we know all the shows we have the iPhone. The
software was developed specifically for the iPhone, Apple has approved this
operating system is a special version of the operating system Mac OS X, which is
designed to run on the iPhone, the difference between the two is that the user
interface: the iPhone uses Cocoa Touch layer called, as opposed to the original
system that uses - Cocoa. Besides, the system of the iPhone, like the Mac, based on
those applications, projects and source files. With each upgrade of the system we get
new Fittz'rim should improve the user experience. IPhone is of course the touch-
screen smartphone. To download and install applications and games, open an account
at ITUNES and APP STORE, most of the apps are paid and the invoice arrives mile

Android - Android is an operating system designed for smartphones with the Linux
kernel. Operating system was first developed by Android Inc. company. On
November 5, 2007 established an alliance that included the following companies:
Texas Instruments, Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG
Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. The purpose of
this alliance was to develop open standards for mobile devices, along with the
creation, unveiled their first product, Android is built on Linux 2.6. On 9 December
2008 the U.S. announced a further 14 new member companies to: ARM, Atheros
Communications, Asustek Computer Inc, Garmin Ltd, Softbank, Sony Ericsson,
Toshiba, and Vodafone. Today's most recognized device with Android operating
system is the HTC which is competing solid and stable iPhone.

Symbian-is an operating system for smart phones based on the open source half
(using an open system you can install third-party software, ie software applications
and support to your device such as DVD players and video and music, software for
editing images, screenshot, reading the file formats are supported on [ Avi format for
example] and others. system has also open Task Manager to close programs that do
not use them anymore). The system supports x86 platforms and ARM. The majority
of smart devices based on Nokia company system. Towards the end of 2010 is
expected Nokia to launch its new flagship device Nokia N8 which will be a new
version of the Symbian 3. Online application store Nokia Ovi Store.

BlackBerry OS - BlackBerry smartphone is a device that is so common in the phone
market but dominates the U.S. and Canada. Operating System BlackBerry devices
manufactured by the company Research in Motion makes the devices. Mail
applications and BlackBerry calendar continue to set the standard for all it comes to
design efficient reliable real-time communication using a variety of systems. Music
and video applications to the BlackBerry reasonable, but do not compare level of
office software. Everything about third-party applications tailored to the system,
diversity begins to expand Recently, thousands of software - from office applications
and games - are now available for download, many, but not all, are available through
the new App World RIM.

Palm's WebOS - Palm once regarded Advanced PDA and dominates the market,
began to retreat back to the crushing of the iPhone, Nokia and more. But they
continue to fight for their place on the list and innovators with modern appliances
and stable operating system. The new operating system from the creator of Palm,
which made its debut in the Pre-device. Palm said that WebOS will appear on other
devices in the future. Standard office applications suite of WebOS for email, calendar
- years, task management, etc., is a simple and useful. Thing most notable about
these applications is a characteristic combination of operating system, with separate
data sources. Example, it can integrate your contacts from Facebook and Gmail into
a single address book, and it allows email programs indicate whether that person is
available online and virtual communication (chat). Palm's online store was launched
with a small number of applications for download, including implementation of the
author's music service Pandora, the social network - Business LinkedIn and others.
Has added more and more applications but at a relatively slow.

Windows Mobile - what he belonged to the company Microsoft, which develops
specialized operating systems for mobile phones with models of HTC, Motorola,
Palm and Samsung. In this system an attempt was made to wait for the operating
system of conventional computers, which is a disadvantage to many users. The
version of Internet Explorer browser combined current instruments is quite outdated
compared to other systems, however, office applications - basic versions of Word,
Excel, Outlook, and Power Point - useful for students in. Microsoft recently
introduced the new operating system Windows Phone 7, which includes refinements
and innovations that should significantly improve the work of the operating system
and user experience.

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