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									Different types of laptops and which one suits you better?

What types of laptops are today and what a difference interim? Netbook, mini laptop,
computer network, Notbok, laptop or tablet, which is an incomplete list. So which
one to buy? You are undecided and do not know what the difference between the
types that exist in the market and has been with all these names? We, "Bring me
Assoc." We decided to give you a brief explanation so that you can make your choice
based on knowledge and not on emotions.

The following brief explanation of the types of laptops available (If you want, here is
an expanded article on the subject):

Laptop (Laptop) - supposed to replace laptop desktop computer. These computers
include an optical drive (CD / DVD), with a large screen, suitable for games and in
many cases the most innovative games. Laptop including laptop can run in parallel,
in a good way and share a large number of programs that require a lot of resources
from your computer.

Mini - Laptop (Laptop-Mini) - These computers are something medium between
performance and mobility. They include an optical drive which is what makes them
the "laptop". Laptop - Mini can handle basic applications like Web browser, listening
to music, watching movies, using the Office software and similar. Screen laptop -
mini 9-13 inches usually.

Notebook (Notebook) - small laptop designed - mobility. Usually contains no optical
drive (CD / DVD), but it is possible to connect an external optical drive. These
computers have low weight and thinner laptop computers. Notebook is a small
laptop, but usually with good performance.

Tablet (Tablet PC) - Type this laptop is as portable as notebooks and laptops, what
makes this particular tablet screen can turn around about 360 degrees around.
Usually these computers can recognize text manually written using a special pen -
stylus and manageable cna touch screen (Touch Screen).

Network computer, netbook, mini laptop (Netbook) - First, computers are designed
to surf the web, if people contact through social networking, instant messaging
software like ICQ, MSN, and programs that do not require a lot of resources from
your computer. Netbooks can connect to the network via Wi-Fi, cable network or
cellular connection.

Ultra-portable laptop (UMPC - Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) - PC UMPC truth
than can be compared with a laptop tablet. What is common to this interim
touchscreen. With this machine you can surf the web, look movies and even play
games light. These computers screens usually between 7 and 9 inches.

Hope we wrote a brief explanation will help you in choosing a laptop that fits you.
The above is our opinion only, and not used as a "guide to buying a laptop." For
further questions please contact via email or through our website.

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