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									                                             Disarm Diabetes
                                                    Diabetes has emerged to be a modern epidemic. However,
                                                    this need not be a worry at all. There are a vast means of
                                                    curing diabetes naturally without medication. Natural ways
                                                    of curing diabetes have an advantage over modern
                                                    medication in terms of their cost. However, some natural
                                                    cures for diabetes are depended upon the body and the
                                                    genes so as to function as intended. Nevertheless, the
                                                    natural cure techniques are still outstanding when it comes
                                                    to diabetes.
                                                    The best way on how to cure diabetes naturally without
                                                    medication is through diet. A good diet can bring about a
                                                    reversal of diabetes. The human body is well endowed with
the ability of self-healing given the right environment. A proper diet for any diabetic should be rid of sugar.
As such foods such as bananas, potatoes, rice and some fruits with high sugar content as well as animal fats
should be avoided. A diabetic should therefore take raw vegetables and herbs because these enhance insulin
production by stimulating the pancreas.

       Plenty of green vegetables, soy, fish, black grams, oat milk, almond milk, healthy fats (from avocado,
coconut and cold pressed olive oil) and such kind of foods should be taken as well. Generally, a proper diet
should be inclusive of high carbohydrate foods (and low calorie intake) and high fibers.

         Besides a proper diet, there are other ways on how to cure diabetes naturally without medication. This
entails the use of such medicinal extracts from plants like cinnamon. At least half teaspoon of cinnamon daily
can significantly lower glucose in the in the body by up to 18% in two months. Cinnamon lowers the body's
need for insulin by mimicking insulin.

         Bitter lemon can also be used to lower blood sugar levels. This can be done by frequent use of it. The
bitter lemon can be taken as juice every morning on an empty stomach. Another way to take bitter lemon is
to ground the seeds into powder and eat them or using the powder to make a beverage such as tea.
Consumption of bitter lemon as well as a glass of hot water every morning facilitates the cleansing of liver
and the gall bladder.

        Proper lifestyle provides another efficient way on how to cure diabetes naturally without medication.
For a diabetic person, it is very fundamental that they lead lifestyles that do not encourage high blood sugar
levels. Therefore, any diabetic should not engage in smoking tobacco.

       Another way of proper diabetic lifestyle involves daily physical exercises. This helps the body to
maintain a steady level of blood sugar because glucose is consumed in the metabolic activities involved to
generate energy during such exercises. For instance, a 2-
mile run can reduce glucose level in the blood from 350 or
even more to a level such as 120.

        It is also of great significance for one to keep watch
of their weight. Research has shown that weight loss has a
reduction effect on the impact of diabetes as well as
reducing the need for insulin. Weight loss also reduces
blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

With this information on diet and lifestyle, one can easily
cure diabetes without medication naturally.

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