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									      Firefox Plugin Development - Twitter Plug-ins Do That for You

All you Twitter fans have something to rejoice! With Firefox toolbar development, Twitter plug-
ins can enhance the browsing experience by making it fun and exciting. The Twitter tools can
connect the Firefox browser directly to the Twitter account without logging into or opening a
separate page for Twitter. Now tweeting becomes more fun with the Firefox extensions.

Some of the most popular Twitter Firefox add-ons are as follows:

TwitterFox: This highly popular Firefox extension allows the users
to update their status or post tweets into Twitter directly from
Firefox browser. You don't need to log in to the Twitter site. For
alerting you when your friends post a tweet, a small icon gets
displayed on the status bar of the Firefox browser. You can also
share links and excerpts of the web pages. The links are displayed
in a shortened format. This quick fix tool is ideal for all the Twitter
fans using Firefox.

                                                Twitbin: With this Firefox extension you can
                                                directly send and receive tweets from the side bar of
                                                the web browser. Viewing your public and private
                                                messages, tweets, replies becomes super fast with
                                                this add-on. The sidebar gives enough space to type
                                                a well sized message which can be spread across
                                                without logging into Twitter. This plug-in is
                                                absolutely free plus available for download.

Twitkit: This six tabbed extension resides in the Firefox
sidebar. The add-on is very powerful as it gives you six
separate sections consisting of feeds for the main Twitter, User,
Friend, followers, replies and statistics. You can also customize
the feeds by changing the settings. It represents highly
evolved form of Firefox Toolbar development plus has a
visually neat interface. Moreover, there are refresh and clear
buttons for clearing up the messages. Overall, a really nice
Twitter Firefox plug-in for all you social media fans.
Twixxer: This Firefox Twitter extension is ideal for
photo and video sharing. You can directly check the
photo and video updates within your browser without
leaving the Twitter feed. With this add-on you can see
thumb nail sized images of the photos, videos. All you
have to do is run the Greasemonkey script which
allows you to add YouTube, Flickr, Viddler media to
your web browser. A very enchanting add-on, this one scores high on the popularity bar.

Twitterlines: This simple, easy to use extension allows you to check tweets from your social
network on the same web page. It also lets you update your status directly from the web browser.
Simple but useful add-on!

                                                 Friendbar: This toolbar displays the updates of
                                                 your friends from Twitter and Facebook. Both text
                                                 and photo updates can be seen through it. You
                                                 can reply and tweet back without losing a blink
                                                 miss time.

These Twitter Firefox plug-ins simplify your access to the social media by facilitating every
functionality within the browser itself. If you have not been using these powerful Firefox Toolbar
Development services by now then its time for you to check out these superlative social media
extensions for your Firefox browser!

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