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									Developing a More Flexible Link Marketing
Link building, just like all the other facets of marketing or business operations for that
matter, is not founded on fixed grounds. It’s dynamic and ever-shifting – one day you have a
huge budget to pay the best SEO companies to build the best links they can, the next day
you have a very modest allocation wherein you have to make ends meet.

Given this, it is now becoming more imperative for SEO companies and social media
companies to provide link building marketing solutions that are more scalable depending on
a business’ needs and resources at a given time. This ensures that no matter what the
circumstances are, link juice will continue to flow to your site and you do not lose
momentum. Further, it allows for you to shift tactics in no time – you can go big or small,
tame or aggressive without much disruption.

Take a Look at the Bigger Picture

The first step in creating a more scalable link marketing strategy is to identify the big chunks
that when put together form the core of link building campaigns. It sounds ironic, but when
businesses and SEO companies break a picture into huge chunks, thatwill actually enable
them to see its totality. The same principle applies to your link marketing strategy.

Get Even More Granular

Once you’ve broken your link strategy into huge chunks, break these buckets into smaller,
more granular steps, processes and systems. This technique is like creating a piece of
modular furniture – you can add and remove components depending on the space you
have. And that’s really the core of a scalable marketing strategy.

For example, one of your link building tactics may be to scout for sites that you can build
sustained relationships with. Under this bucket, there are many steps, systems and
processes such as blogger outreach, guest blogging, analytics, etc. It would be easier for SEO
companies to scale down or scale up their execution if they know which steps and processes
are working mutually exclusive from one another.

Institutionalize Your Link Building Processes and Systems through Manuals

If you outsource your online marketing needs, chances are, you will work with a number of
SEO companies and social media companies and it would be difficult not to mention
impractical and exhausting to start from scratch over and over again. It is essential for
efficiency’s sake that businesses create a manual of their link marketing practice that
showcases its scalability. This manual should not be employee or agency specific, meaning,
it should be created using the most universal language as possible. This should be an
evergreen document, but at the same time, it should be able to accommodate changes.

Put Your Manuals to the Test

There’s really no way to know whether your manual would work or not unless you put it to
the test. So, do that. Run a drill among your key stakeholders and marketing personnel or
third party SEO companies and social media companies and see how your manual will fair.
Make revisions along the way and take note of what really worked best to your advantage.

Author is working as an Internet Marketing professional in an SEO company NY, New York.
He likes to write informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing.
Through this article, he wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an
Internet marketing agency for their businesses.

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