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									   App, App and Away! Tips on How to Market
          Your Mobile Apps Effectively

Everybody’s always on the lookout for the next big mobile app. For a mobile SEO
company, this means facing a more competitive space as brands and developers
become more innovative to rise above the millions of other apps out there and being
noticed by the market that matters.

Differentiation has been, still is and will always be one of the primary concerns
involved in search engine marketing services and with apps getting created day in
and day out, everyone is scrambling to promote their own. Here are a few tips on
how you can get ahead of the apps game.

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies!

The age-old tactic of giving consumers free stuff is still as effective today as it was in
the past. When it comes to incentivizing app fanatics, make sure that what you’re
giving them is relevant to what they need – be it an in-game point or currency or an
upgrade. In short, giving people free things does not end at that. Every mobile SEO
company knows that even if they’re free, incentive programs can be a flop if they do
not appeal to the target market.

Further, businesses thatresort to incentives should be careful not to over incentivize.
Search engine marketing services tenets dictate that people who engage with a
brand because of freebies may not really be interested in the brand or in this case,
they’re not really drawn in by the app itself.

PPC Meets Mobile App Promotion

Pay per click advertising is one of the pillars of search engine marketing services and
its basic principles have permeated mobile app promotion. For example, outside of
Google Play Store and the App Store, there are other app markets out there which
offer app developers to promote their offering through a Cost Per Impression (CPI)
basis. Much like the Cost Per Click or CPC model of PPC advertising. This could entail
a much bigger marketing investment from your end versus the first option, but you
will also get a better quality of consumers who will download and use your apps. The
engagement is higher since they are really interested and the chances for you to get
good reviews also increase.
Push It!

Utilizing push notification will enable you to send messages directly to those who
have downloaded your app. When properly used by a brand or a mobile SEO
company, this can promote constant engagement and establish longer relationships
with app users. However, the tricky part is in order for this tactic to work, the user
must agree to receive push notifications from you. This is done during the “point-of-
download.” Additionally, this should be used with care as some users find it
annoying to constantly receive messages from an app developer. If you’re going to
translate this to search engine marketing services terms, it’s like spamming which is
really a turn-off.

So, How Do You Choose?

Every results-driven mobile SEO company knows that when choosing a strategy or a
tactic, everything should be in line with a set of business objectives. What outcomes
are you looking for? Once you have this figured out, implementing any of the tactics
mentioned above is only a matter of resource allocation, strategy and seamless

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