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					                                    How to Impress you boss ?
Thinking about your boss attitude & worried about how to get more
This is the Question that revolves in every one's mind, when they are enter into office newly.
There is no perfect answer to be an perfect subordinate to your boss, of course some time being close to
the boss will make scene at the time of apprise.

The day a fresher / newly joined enter into office after induction, the questions like
How to manage with my Boss & how he will be with me?
Will he really accept my ideas(Two way communication)?
How to impress my boss( simply by giving night party)?
What every may be the situation, follow simply rules to be perfect at your boss & get impressed by
every one not only with manager or boss.

Hear is your tips !

    Complete The Tasks Every one Forgets: Identify the task that your mangers & team members
     over looked & complete them in-time
    Highlight Relevant Industry Innovations: Try to grasp your industry information & share it
     to all, which tells your boss that you have knowledge on the industry position.
    Keep A Clean Work Space: Make your desk clear & near , no more papers, photos & others.
     Arrange your desk with Task's list & activities to be done by near by days so that you can steel
     every one 's attention.
    Come In Early And Leave Late: Don't be struck to timings of the office, come to office before
     your boss is in the office, leave office after your boss.
    Dress Up: Be professional don't come to the office like student. Have clear matched Dress with
     tie & show, which can get attention of your boss & other managers.
    Take The Initiative: Don't wait for some one call to do the work, plan your self & take
     initiative to complete the task. Taking initiation symbols your seniority about work. Even some
     people have the stuff, but they are unable to take initiative which results louse of valuable
     things form organization .
    Be like CEO: Think like an Ceo, not like an worker. Simply treat work as your own, so that
     you can give y our 100% efforts to make the things to be happens.
    Be Prepared: Get ready to every thing, don't hesitate to take any chance to prove your self. Be
     prepared to grab the chance.
    Be informed Opinion on every criteria so that no one going to que you on some other day.
    Work History : Maintain work flow sheets on regular basic, so that if some one ask your work
     on some x day, you can prove your self , in any situation.
    Ask for Help & Give help: Ask for help with your boss, so that it will help to resolve your
     problem not only & lesser your communication gap.
    Be supportive: Give your voice to your manager in making things to be happens.

How every a great attention with your boss will help you in both career aspects & economical aspects .
Give some party's and have some get to getter with your boss in regular day to days. At last so many
informal ways are there to impress.

Description: Worried about your boss attitude? No more worries about it! Just follow few things so that you can catch your manager attention & get more hike and many more privileges form company!