UCDP4 Bedside Oxygen Supply _General_ Risk Assessment Rev 1 April 2010 by changcheng2


									                                        UCD RISK ASSESSMENT – UCDP4
                                      BEDSIDE OXYGEN SUPPLY (GENERAL)

Bedside oxygen supplies are regularly used in the health sciences. Any supply of oxygen has the potential to give
rise to a fire is used incorrectly.

                                                   Persons At Risk
All persons working with and receiving the oxygen may be at risk.

 Date Of Assessment                    01/04/2010           Completed By                  UCD Safety Office
                                  Probability Rating        Outcome Rating                   Risk Rating
   Risk Assessment
                                         Likely                    Harmful                  Moderate Risk
                                       Measures Required To Reduce Risk
1. All components of a beside oxygen supply system must be subjected to a regular inspection and
    maintenance programme in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.
2. Before use the visible components of the system must be inspected and if any damage is visible then the
    system must be removed from service.
3. All users of the system must be suitably trained.
4. Before supplying a subject with oxygen operators must ensure that there are no naked flames or ignition
    sources or highly flammable materials (especially greases or oils) in the immediate vicinity.
5. When supplying oxygen users must ensure that their hands are clean and free from greases.
6. Persons receiving oxygen must have clean lips and face free from Vaseline, cosmetics or other similar
7. Lubricants must not be used on any component of the system likely to come into direct contact with oxygen.
8. Persons responsible for handling oxygen cylinders must refer to UCD Risk Assessment UCDC5 Use Of
    Compressed Gases (General) for further information.
    Residual risk
                                  Probability Rating        Outcome Rating                   Risk Rating
  (when all control
 measures have been
                                        Unlikely                   Harmful                 Acceptable Risk
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