Office Luxuries that Benefit Employees and Management

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					Office Luxuries that Benefit Employees and Management
Many office managers nowadays try to add items to the office environment that helps to improve
the comfort and productivity of their staff. This can be anything from ergonomic chairs and
tables to ergonomic keyboards.

Other things that offices may supply are consumable items such as morning tea or lunch, and
also tea and coffee in the staff kitchen. These kinds of ‘perks’ in the office means the employees
are taking time out for themselves whilst taking a break from work and refreshing their brains,
which will hopefully make them more motivated to work afterwards.

This is a clever idea; however, there is an idea that is much more beneficial to the health of all
staff and that has the potential to improve productivity more in the long run. Tea and coffee are
nice but it is water that aids in well-being and aids in providing stamina longer.

How will drinking water benefit employees?

Many people know the benefits of drinking water. However, they often don’t realise that this can
contribute to their daily grind at work running a lot smoother too. Here are a couple of facts to
remember when you are considering adding Brisbane Water Purifiers for your staff to benefit
from whilst at work.

Brain Power

Our brains consist of 90% water. This means if someone is not drinking enough liquid during the
day they can develop headaches and other issues. Their brains won’t function at peak and that
can slow down their work progress. Ensuring there is fresh filtered water on hand to drink means
that employees can keep their brains hydrated and alert.

Staying Power

One of the signs of dehydration is tiredness. Generally, hopping up and drinking a few glasses of
filtered water will not only give staff a break from their desk to stretch their legs, they will be
consuming a natural energy source that will help keep them going through the day.

Keeping Hunger at Bay

Although staff are allocated lunch breaks, some may find themselves wandering into the
kitchen between breaks. They usually nibble on biscuits provided or have another cup of tea or
coffee. If they are feeling slightly peckish, these will keep the hunger at bay. Water, however, is
much more powerful at curing hunger pains than tea, coffee or sugar-loaded snacks and usually
what is really thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

There are many more benefits to providing filtered water for staff in the office and you only need
to try and see for yourself the difference it makes. If you want to provide healthy clean water for
your employees and improve their day, and yours, Click Here.

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Description: Adding Brisbane water purifiers to the office can help to maintain productivity and good health among employees. Filtered water offers many benefits.