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									                 CU Wizards
                                  2009-2010 Schedule

The 33rd annual CU Wizards program is a FREE informal introduction to astronomy,
chemistry and physics, intended primarily for students in grades 5 through 9.
Each program lasts about an hour and includes several lively demonstration experiments.

                 WHERE and WHEN
                 Come to the University of Colorado at Boulder. See below for specific building and
                 room. There is FREE PARKING ONLY in LOTS 169, 308, 396, and 436. There is also
                 parking available for a nominal fee in the Euclid parking structure. All shows are on
                 Saturday mornings and begin at 9:30 A.M.

                                  Thanks to The Chancellor’s Office, Gamow Foundation, CU Science
                                  Discovery, Director David Nesbitt and all others who support the
                                  Wizards show, including the Wizards in training who join us!

For more information visit:
Or contact Erin Costello by phone: (303) 492-5011 or email:

Date                    Show Title                         Wizard                        Location
September 26, 2009      The Physics of Sports              Prof. Debbie Jin and          Duane Physics G1B30
                                                           John Bohn
October 24, 2009        How Math Can Save your Life        Susan Frontczak               Cristol Chemistry 142
November 14, 2009       H2O!                               Prof. Casey Hynes             Cristol Chemistry 140
December 19, 2009       Bangs and Whispers: The            Prof. Steve Pollock           Duane Physics G1B30
                        Physics of Sound and Music
January 16, 2010        Chemistry to Heal the Body         Prof. Kristi Anseth           Cristol Chemistry 140
February 13, 2010       Light, Polarization and Liquid     Prof. David Walba and         Duane Physics G1B30
                        Crystals                           Noel Clark
March 13, 2010          At the End of the Rainbow          Prof. Henry Kapteyn and       Duane Physics G1B30
                                                           Margaret Murnane
April 17, 2010          Sink or Swim                       Prof. Mathias Weber           Cristol Chemistry 140
May 15, 2010            Biochemistry for Kids              Prof. Deborah Wuttke and      Cristol Chemistry 140
                                                           Dylan J. Taatjes
June 12, 2010           Black Holes                        Prof. Andrew Hamilton         Fiske Planetarium

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