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									New Websites for Local Gardens

Yeeboo Digital is proud to announce the launch of a new website for the Open Gardens at Avenstone.
The project brings to life the passion and dedication of Peter and Jane Good of Camden East, who every
Sunday in August from 2pm to Dusk open their gardens to the public in exchange for donations to the
local Hospice and Palliative care projects.

The couple has been opening their gardens for several years now and decided that the time had come to
create a website and start marketing the project to a wider audience.

Yeeboo Digital implemented a new Wordpress website, hosting and email marketing solution for will become a source for news and information about the open gardens as
well as upcoming events in the area. The website will also become a source for gardening tips, local
events, further information on supporting and donating to the Hospice and Palliative care programs that
the gardens support.

Yeeboo Digital is excited to see this project come to life, from conception and planning right up to the
launch this past week.

The team at Yeeboo Digital wishes Peter and Jane all the best in their journey ahead and we look
forward to watching this project grow.


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