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					                                     SAMPLE RESUMES
                                      COVER LETTERS


The resume has two primary functions: It introduces your skills and experience to potential employers, and it
reminds the potential employer of you after your interview. As a result, great care should be taken in selecting
the format you will use in the formal presentation of your skills.

The Format
Resumes come in three generally accepted formats: CHRONOLOGICAL, FUNCTIONAL, and

The CHRONOLOGICAL resume is a listing of your work experience and education history in chronological
order. Major categories usually include Education, Work History, Special Skills, and Affiliations and Awards.
This type of resume tends to be used by individuals who are entering the job market as well as those who are
changing jobs within a career field, which requires documentation of continuous activity.

The FUNCTIONAL resume organizes your experience according to specific skills or functions. Some major
categories are Technical Abilities, Work History, and Education. The Technical Abilities category allows you to
demonstrate your capabilities through your various experiences. This format is appropriate for the individual
who is changing careers or for a person who is reentering the work force after a period of absence. This resume
is especially effective for the individual with a lengthy work history.

The COMBINATION format merges elements of the Chronological and Functional approaches. Both the job
changer and the career changer can use this format to present capabilities and transferable skills combined with
work experience. This is probably the most common and most effective format.


The cover letter is the introduction to your resume. Studies indicate your cover letter has a life expectancy of
about eight seconds, so it must be brief yet informative. The letter should have three recognizable parts: the
opening, which explains why you are writing; the main body, which lists two or three of your major
accomplishments and gives the reader a good reason to want to interview you; and the closing, which expresses
a desire for future communication. Your letter should draw a connection between the needs of the current job
opening and the skills you can bring to the job.

The following pages contain samples of resume formats as well a sample cover letter.

                                     Applicant’s Address
                                     Applicant’s Phone Number
                                     Date of Letter

Use complete                         Employer’s Name and Title
Title and address                    And Address

If possible, address it to a         Salutation:
Particular person
By name                              Opening Paragraph: State why you are writing, name
                                     the position or type of work for which you are applying
                                     and mention how you heard of the opening or
Make the addressee want to read      Middle Paragraph(s): Explain why you are interested in
your resume. Be personable and be    working for this employer and specify your reasons for
enthusiastic                         desiring this type of work. If you have had relevant
                                     work experience or related education, be sure to
                                     point it out, but do not reiterate your entire resume.
Be brief but specific; your resume   Emphasize skills or abilities you have that relate to the
contains details                     job for which you are applying. Be sure to do this in a
                                     confident manner and remember that the reader will
                                     view your letter of application as an example of your
                                     writing skills.

Top and bottom margins should be     Closing Paragraph: You may refer the reader to your
equal.                               enclosed resume (which gives a summary of your
                                     qualifications) or whatever media you are using to
                                     illustrate your training. Interests and experience. Have
                                     an appropriate closing to pave the way for the
                                     interview by indicating the action or steps you will take
                                     to initiate an interview date.

Always sign letter                   Sincerely,

                                     Your name typed

If a resume or other enclosure is    Enclosure
used, note in letter
                                                                     Ray Johnson
                                                                     125 Pearl St.
                                                                     Laguna Beach, CA 92651
                                                                     February 6, 2003

Marv Patterson
Section Manager
Hewlett Packard
16399 W. Bernardo Drive
San Diego, California 92717

Dear Marv Patterson:

In June 2002, I will be graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a degree of Bachelor
of Science in Electrical Engineering. I am writing to explore the possibility of employment as a control
systems engineer at your San Diego facility.

Early in my course work at UC Irvine I seriously began considering future employment with Hewlett
Packard. We use a number of your products in our laboratory work, and their design, precision, and
reliability are impressive. More recently, however, I noted in a professional computing journal that
you are undertaking a new project to apply microcomputers in automatic control systems. Many of
my electives were in the fields of control systems and computers, and I worked for three summers in
microcomputers applications. I believe that I am well qualified to begin my career employment on
your new project; I know that it is directly related to my interests.

I have enclosed my resume, which provides additional information about my undergraduate work and
campus activities. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my education
and experience would be consistent with your needs. I will contact you by phone within ten days to
discuss the possibility of an interview.


                                                       Ray Johnson


Street                      (A. C.) Home Phone
City, State, Zip Code       (A.C.) Message Phone

CAREER OBJECTIVE:           State briefly, your short and long-range career
                            goals (optional- you may wish to omit career
                            objective from the Resume and zero in on an
                            objective pertinent to a particular position on
                            your cover letter).

EDUCATION:                  List most recent first, state name of university
                            attended, degree received, major field of study,
                            option, minor, certificate awarded.

WORK EXPERIENCE:            Begin with most recent first, dates, job title,
                            name of organization, address, description of
                            duties. Include action verbs that are
                            transferable to the work your are seeking.

HONORS AND ACTIVITIES:      State position or office held, organization,
                            dates of involvement, and describe your

SPECIAL SKILLS:             Language fluency, knowledge of computers or
                            other office machines, special equipment or
                            other special talents that are relevant.

REFERENCE:                  State “Furnished upon request” or list name,
                            titles and addresses of several business,
                            academic or character references.
                    TERESA MORBITO

                     15 Fourth St. East
                     Boston, MA 02115

JOB OBJECTIVE:      Graphic Designer

EXPERIENCE:         New England News, Cambridge, MA

                     Manager, Advertising Dept., 1998-2001

                     Conceived and designed ads for publication.
                     Oversaw development, layout and typesetting.
                     Maintained financial records and accounts. Handled staff hiring.
                     Used stat camera and computer graphics.

                     Childs Advertising, Inc., Chicago, IL
                     Staff Artist, summer 1997-1998
                     Involved in concept development, typesetting, design and layout.
                     Gained experience in halftone photography, plate making,
                     stripping and finishing.

                     The Ledger, Chicago, IL
                     Cartoonist, 1997-1998
                     Drew cartoons for University of Chicago student newspaper.

EDUCATION:           Cambridge School of Design, Cambridge, MA
                     B.A. in Graphic Design, 2000

                     Areas of study included advertising, design, copywriting, drawing,
                     and kinegraphics.

                     College of Chicago, Chicago, IL
                     A.A. in Visual Communications, 1998

SEMINARS:           Eastern Design Conference, 1998, 1999
                     Illustrators Seminar, Boston, MA 1998
                     Henry F. Droz Airbrush Workshop, Chicago, IL 1997
                     Chicago Design Conference 1996
MEMBERSHIPS:                            Cambridge Design Association, 1998- present
                                        Women in Film, Chicago, IL, 1996-1998
                                        Progressive Design Club, New York, NY 1995- present

REFERENCES:                             Available upon request

                             FUNCTIONAL RESUME
                                      RONALD T. JOHNSON

1750 N. Normandie Ave. #201
Miami, FL 33505

OBJECTIVE:          A position at a commercial radio station.


* Assisted in the management of a college radio station.
* Helped to direct and supervise staff.
* Established music format guidelines.
*Wrote and edited budget proposals.
*Assisted in financial matters.
*Created and implemented new music format.
*Planned and organized performances by artists at local venues in conjunction with the station.
*Served as on-air personality.
*Trained a staff of disc jockeys.


WLVE-Radio, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Assistant General Manager, 2000-2001
WRDO-Radio, Ft. Myers, FL
Music Director, 1998-1999
WWOP-TV, New York, NY
Intern, 1997

B.A. in Broadcasting, 2001


References provided on request

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