Teacher Interview Questions by PastorGallo

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Describe your educational background and work experience

Why do you want to teach at this level?

Tell us why you think you would be the best one for this position

What special abilities do you bring to teaching?

Describe your approach to lesson planning.
       Team planning?
       Linking plans to standards?
       Planning for different student needs?
       Have you worked with physically handicapped?

How do you involve students in learning?

What will you do to teach phonemic awareness in your class?

How do you go about making a story in a basal reader relevant to at-risk students?

Describe your methods of class management and approach to discipline

Describe a new idea you recently implemented or program you modified.

How do you modify lessons to make them more effective?

How do you involve parents in learning? Communication?

My expectation:
      Good communication with staff, parents, and me
      Work with the grade level team – shared planning, schedule coordination
      Link lessons to standards
      Research supported instructional methods
      Honor confidentiality
      Model respect for students
      Consistently follow the building behavior plan
      Constantly work for ways to improve the educational program

State timeline for hiring -

When finished take candidate to meet with the Superintendent.

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