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					                           2012 MCHS CROSS COUNTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!!

Parental support is a critical part of success for the XC program and each athlete. Please complete the information below:

Son/Daughter’s name: ________________________________

Parent is able to support the cross country program in the following way (Please check and/or comment)
  VOLUNTEER HELP                                                                               Please check below
  Invitational Helper*         Meet volunteers will help at the meet snack bar and other
                               activities for the MC XC Invite
  General Meet Helper          Willing to take on general volunteer tasks that might come up
                               for dual meet, helping with oranges or water setup for meets
                               during the season
* Please understand that the MC Invitational meet on September 15 needs support from every parent and athlete

  FINANCIAL HELP                                                                               Please check below
  Championship Level         $250 donation includes two of the following sweatshirt,
  Boosteer                   team bag, or special Collared Shirt. Also Special Booster
                             T-Shirt and car window decal
  Gold level Booster         $100 donation includes (choice of sweatshirt, Collared Shirt or
                             duffel bag) and Special BoosterT-Shirt and car window decal
  Silver level Booster       $75 donation includes (choice of sweatshirt or duffel bag)
                             Special Booster T-Shirt, and car window decal
  Bronze level Booster *     $50 donation includes a MC Sack Pack, Special Booster T-
                             Shirt and car window decal
  Sundevil Booster           $25 donation includes a car window decal
  Other amount of            Any amount you can provide
  financial support
  No contribution            Please comment here:

Please make checks payable to Mt. Carmel Athletic Foundation (MCAF) and attach to this form when you return it to
Coach McClanahan.
Shirt size:___________         Sweatshirt size: _________________

*The $50.00 Bronze level donation is the goal we are hopefully seeking from every athlete’s family to cover cost of
running the program. See the reverse side for program expenses.

Athlete/Parent acknowledgement of Program’s Guidelines and Commitment Contract:

__________________________(___ ) ________________________________                  _____________
Athletes name (print)     Grade         Athletes signature                           Date

_____________________________           ________________________________           _____________
Parent’s name (print)                   Parent’s signature                                  Date

______________________________________             _______________________________
Email Address (                 Phone #

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