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With Your
Political       and      Interest    Minor    More on     Mixed Bag
Parties     campaigns     Groups    Parties   Elections

 100         100         100        100        100         100

 200         200         200        200        200         200

 300         300         300        300        300         300

 400         400         400        400        400         400

 500         500         500        500        500         500
     This way of voting is
evidence of the weakening of
 political parties; where one
    votes for candidates of
 different parties for various
 offices on the same ballot.

                                 A 100
What is split-ticket voting?

                               A 100
 This is the type of election
that signifies a sharp, lasting
 shift in party identification
occurs from one major party
          to the other.

                                  A 200
What is a realignment
 (critical election)?

                        A 200
This is the person who is
 chosen by a primary or

                            A 300
What is the party nominee?

                             A 300
These are 3 types of people
  that would tend to vote

                              A 400
What is older, whiter, richer,
Christian, man, lives in rural
     area or the South?

                                 A 400
The ____________ was one of the
 first political parties and was the
   forerunner for the Republican
The _____________ was the other
first party and was the forerunner
      for the Democratic party

                                       A 500
    The Federalists was one of the first
political parties and was the forerunner for
            the Republican party.
The Democratic-Republicans was the other
 first party and was the forerunner for the
              Democratic party
             *the AntiFederalists is ok too

                                              A 500
These are the elections before
the general election to choose
      the party nominee.

                                 B 100
What is a primaries or

                         B 100
 This is a type of electoral
 system where parties win
seats by percentage of votes

                               B 200
What is proportional?

                        B 200
   According to this idea,
candidates try to appeal to the
   moderate voters in the

                                  B 300
What is the median voter

                           B 300
   This is the term used to
describe the unlimited funds
given to a political party that
 do not have to be reported.

                                  B 400
What is soft money?

                      B 400
This Act eliminated the use of
         soft money.

                                 B 500
    What is the Bipartisan
Campaign Reform Act (BCRA)?

                              B 500
These groups raise money for
 special interest groups and
deliver money to the political
   parties and candidates.

                           C 100
What is a PAC (political
 action committee)?

                           C 100
 This type of individual is
 hired to influence public
   policy by delivering
information to legislators.

                              C 200
What is a lobbyist?

                      C 200
   This type of campaign
funding is limited/regulated
   and is given to specific

                               C 300
What is hard money?

                      C 300
 Place A Wager
                 C 400
  This type of group spends
    most of its money on
  campaign advertisements
advocating issues to influence

                                 C 400
What is a 527 group?

                       C 400
List a specific way a lobbyist
 can influence each branch-
  legislative, executive and
    judicial (be specific).

                                 C 500
                     What is
 Legislative--- provide info. to legislators, bring
grassroots pressure, testify in committees, donate
               money to candidates
  Executive--- provide information, reports to
              executive agencies
  Judicial--- amicus briefs, promote nominees,
               bring cases to court

                                                      C 500
This type of party has only
      one main focus.

                              D 100
What is a single-issue party.

                                D 100
The Democrats are an
example of this type of
   political party.

                          D 200
What is an ideological party?

                                D 200
This was the minor party role
played by the Green party in
 the 2000 election between
      Bush and Gore.

                                D 300
What is the spoiler role?

                            D 300
This is probably the most
  positive and important
function of minor parties.

                             D 400
What is being an innovator,
bringing new ideas to the
  forefront, pushing the
    envelope, tackling
   controversial issues?

                              D 400
These are three reasons why
   we have a two-party
    dominated system.

                              D 500
           What is :
      1). Historical basis
          2.) tradition
3.) electoral rules- winner-take-
  all, single member districts,
         plurality winners
      4.) ideological
   moderation/closeness of
                                    D 500
  This group is also called a
“faction” or “pressure group”

                                E 100
What is an interest?

                       E 100
In this type of election, only a
member of the party can vote.

                                   E 200
What is a closed primary?

                            E 200
The most numerous type of
economic group is this type.

                               E 300
What is business groups?

                           E 300
   At least 95% of party
activists work within these.

                               E 400
      What are the
Local party organizations?

                             E 400
List and describe the areas
where voters are influenced
     by campaigning.

                              E 500
         What are
Air Wars--- mostly televised
 ads, journalists and news
   coverage in the media
  Ground Wars---getting
  supporters to the polls
Web Wars---providing info.
Online, raise money, get out
          message              E 500
This is where Halloween

                          F 100
What is with Celtic pagans?

                              F 100
This is where a grassroots
party gets its power from.

                             F 200
What is the local level or the

                                 F 200
 This Supreme Court case
 opened the floodgates of
campaign $$$ by allowing
corporations and unions to
        donate $..

                             F 300
What is Citizens United v FEC?

                                 F 300
 Voter turnout in America is
_________ in comparison to
other Western Democracies.

                               F 400
What is lower?

                 F 400
  List 5 ways one can
participate in democracy.

                            F 500
What is :
•     To vote
•     Run for office
•     Sign a petition
•     Protest
•     Wear a political advertisement, bumper sticker or
      put sign in yard
•     Volunteer for campaign
•     Write a letter, email to representative
•     Go to representatives office to talk
•     Start an interest group
•     Donate $ to cause or campaign                       F 500
The Final Jeopardy Category is:
      “critical elections”
   Please record your wager.

                     Click on screen to begin
     Name at least two major
  historical party realignments:
 You must list the precipitating
Which party gained new members

                    Click on screen to continue
                       What were:
    Republican party created in support of
abolition….Republican party took voters from
        Democratic party over this issue
                   The Great Depression-
Economic hardship caused many Republicans to
   switch to Democratic party in support of
       government safety net programs

* Remember that realignments signify a permanent shift of party loyalties
                                            Click on screen to continue
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