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									                           RAP SHEETS-DEFINITION

What is a “RAP SHEET”?
        If you have ever been arrested in New York State and fingerprinted, you
have a New York State rap sheet. A “rap sheet” is a record of your arrest and
conviction history in New York State. The Division of Criminal Justice Services
(DCJS) in Albany maintains rap sheets. Each time you are arrested and
fingerprinted, the police department sends information concerning the arrest to
DCJS. If you have been arrested before, DCJS adds the new information to your
computer file; if not, a file is created for you.
        DCJS keeps track of arrests in New York State only. Out-of-state and
federal cases will not appear on your New York rap sheet. The FBI keeps a
complete listing of criminal justice information provided by state repositories
around the country, and your DCJS file will have a notation of your FBI computer
code number.
        Your rap sheet may also contain the notation “multi state” if you have been
arrested outside New York. The state and local courts send information to DCJS
as well. After you have seen a judge, the court contacts DCJS to report what has
happened to the case. This information is also known as the “disposition” of the
case. There are many possible dispositions, which could appear on your rap
sheet. Some common dispositions include “CONVICTED UPON A PLEA OF
JURY.” If you fail to appear on your assigned court date and a bench warrant is
issued for your arrest, the court tells DCJS, and the warrant is added to your
record and will appear on your rap sheet.
        Remember: If you were arrested, fingerprinted and convicted, but served
no time in jail, you still have a DCJS record. Also, if you were arrested and
fingerprinted and the courts dismissed the case, you still have a DCJS record on
file. However, this case should be sealed. Thus, information will not be available
to people and agencies who are allowed to see your rap sheet, except in very
limited circumstances.
                       How to Get Your NYS RAP SHEET

If you are currently incarcerated
If you are currently serving a sentence in a New York State prison or in a county
or city jail, DCJS will mail you a copy of your criminal history record free of
charge. You must write to DCJS, providing your name, any aliases (an alias is
any other name that you may have used for yourself or may be known by), your
birth date, your DIN (the Department of Corrections “Department Identification
Number”), and, if you have it, your NYSID number. Including your race, sex and
Social Security number helps to identify your file among the millions in the DCJS
computer. You must also state how long you will be incarcerated. DCJS will not
send your rap sheet to you if you will be incarcerated for less than 45 days. See
Appendices 1 and 2 for an example of a Letter for Rap Sheet Request for
Persons Incarcerated in State Facilities and Rap Sheet Request for Persons
Incarcerated in Local Facilities. If you will be incarcerated for less than 45 days,
you will have to use one of the other methods described below.

If you are not incarcerated or if you will be incarcerated for less than 45
If you are not incarcerated or will be incarcerated for less than 45 days, you can
receive a copy of your rap sheet by sending DCJS a form called “Request for
Record Review.” You can obtain this form by writing to:
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
Record Review Unit
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203-3764
(518) 485-7675
Once you have filled out the form, return it to DCJS with a copy of your
fingerprints3 and a post office money order or an American or Traveler’s Express
money order in the amount of $50. If you cannot afford to pay the fee, you must
send proof of indigence to DCJS (such as a photocopy of your public assistance
or Medicaid card). DCJS will send you your rap sheet free of charge.

In order to obtain a copy of your rap sheet from the FBI, write to:
US Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

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