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									Canadian academic libraries - library shelving data

                          Do you set targets in your library       Does the system say 'reshelving'
                          management system for the time           or something similar for a period
                          b/w the return of an item and its        of time, or merely 'available' or 'on
                          placement on the shelves?                loan'?

                          24 hrs or less from return to home
University of Alberta     library to shelves.

                          The system allows library staff to
                          automatically delegate a 'reshelving'
                          location for a defined period of time
                          before the location reverts to the shelf Pickup locations (with regards to
                          location, however this feature is not    Holds) are manually edited. An in-
University of Calgary     used.                                    transit location is used.

                          A two to four hour rate of return
Carleton University       during most times of the year

                                                                  No 'reshelving' status. Once books
                                                                  are checked in (discharges) they
                          A set target of reshelving materials    have an 'in library' status. In the
                          within 48 hrs. This is clocked from the WEBOPAC the availability tab uses
                          time a book is checked in to when it is 'in library' (if an item is out it has a
Concordia University      shelved in its appropriate place.       'due date').
                         Used to be 48 hrs at Dafoe (the
                         largest library) but following testing 24
                         hrs was determined sufficient time
                         except at the busiest times of the
University of Manitoba   year.

McMaster University

                                                                     Immediately upon return the current
                                                                     location for a book is changed from
                                                                     “checked out” to “bookstacks” and the
                                                                     item is then temporarily shelved
                                                                     within the Circulation office area. It
Memorial University of                                               then becomes available for further
Newfoundland             See 'notes' (column I)                      patron access.

University of Ottowa     Yes - 24 hrs

                                                                     When an item is discharged, the
                                                                     OPAC displays 'returned.' This
                                                                     displays for two days. No time period
Queen's University                                                   is displayed.
                         No targets as of yet, but the
University of Regina     desirability of targets acknowleged.

                                                                  When an item is returned the OPAC
                                                                  lists this as 'recently returned' for two
                                                                  days. After that time, the item is listed
                                                                  as 'in library'. Not used as a
University of Victoria   No                                       turnaround target.

                                                                  During this period the item will show
                                                                  in the library's circulation system as
                                                                  being discharged which is helpful for
                         No 'established' targets for shelving staff when someone is looking for a
                         but it is generally expected that during book but not finding it on the shelf. It
                         the weekdays books would be              does not show as such in the OPAC,
University of Waterloo   reshelved within 24 hours.               merely that it is 'in library.'

                                                                  Status statements in the OPAC are:
                                                                  "In library"; "Charged - Due on
                                                                  mm/dd/yy" "Renewed - Due on
                         Not specifically, though the library has mm/dd/yy". There are no OPAC
                         successfully maintained a 24hr           messages specific to the reshelving
University of Windsor    reshelving time for several years now. status of an item.

                         Steacie (see notes, column I): All
                         items must be reshelved on the same
                         day they are returned. If returned at
                         another branch it usually takes 2
                         working days for the book to be
York University          reshelved at the home library.
Main Scott Library: Accessibility in
24 hrs is the target, either on the shelf
or on a sorted and labelled truck
ready to be shelved. Target met 80%
of the time. Exceptions are at the end
of the term when volume of return
rises dramatically and student
assistants leave due to exams.

Frost Library @ Glendon campus:
Target is to have everything return on
any day shelved by that evening
Bronfman Business Library: 'Items
will be re-shelved within 24 hrs of
being returned from loan or collected
from within the library, and with 98%
Are these targets
internal to the system Do you have any targets for the
or known to library    number of items to be shelved            Other targets or performance measures
users?                 within an hour?                          used in relation to shelving?

                          Not formally, but the shelving
                          supervisor has a rough idea of how
                          much time a cart should take.
                          Variables include average size of
Once an item is           item - folio vs pamphlet, type of
checked in, the public    material (maps take longer), and
sees only 'on shelf' or   condition of shelves (tight and
'in transit'.             messy vs spare and neat).          One shelver to a cart.

                                                              There are targets/performance measures for
                                                              shelving based on how long it should take to
                                                              shelve a 4-shelf book cart full of materials.
                                                              Because we expect staff to keep an eye for
                                                              things out of order while they shelf and re
                                                              shelve where necessary that target is
                          No overall targets for the number generally between 35-40 minutes per book
                          of items to be shelved per hour but cart. This varies greatly between floors
                          there is a target of getting items  because of the nature of the floors and the
                          back to the shelves within 24 hours number of books in a full load in the various
                          of use or return to the library.    disciplines.

                          The supervisors know how long a
                          truck should take to be reshelved
                          and will check in with the staff if   Periodic checking is done regarding
                          there are delays.                     accuracy.

                          150 books are shelved in an
                          average hour. This varies
                          according to factors such as the
                          area of shelving, size of material,
                          intricate shelving areas and the
                          need to correct mis-shelved areas
                          as one works.                       No
           Fine sorting: one-sided three-
           tiered truck of books ranging from
           90 to 100 books takes
           approximately 20 to 30 minutes to
           sort.                     Shelving:
           same-sized truck takes 45 minutes
           to an hour to shelve.               No

                                                 Staff availability and stack conditions often
                                                 dictate how much can be done within any
                                                 time frame, however experienced staff can
                                                 usually meet the specified target. Books
                                                 returned late in the afternoon and during the
                                                 evening are likely to be left until the next
                                                 morning for re-shelvin. At the heaviest
                                                 period of the semester are likely to all be
Internal                                         reshelved by noon.

           Not by the hour, but 350 - 500 are
           average daily amounts, depending
           on the type of material.

           Stauffer (see notes): target is 100
           books per hour (or one book truck     24 hour turnaround: All libraries (except
           loaded on three sides). Journal       Stauffer) are well able to shelve their
           shelving is much faster so there is   returned material on the same day. This is
           no target. No other libraries have    not an achievable goal during the busy
           targets for books or journals.        periods in Stauffer.
                                                                    Reserve Material: Shelve upon return.
                                                                    Accuracy: All libraries have set up
                                                                    procedures for spot checking individual
                                                                    shelving performance (for both speed and

The 'recently returned'
notice alerts both staff                                            There are expectations that the work will be
and library users to the   No hourly targets by number of           completed in a four hour shift, and
fact that the items may    items. It is anticipated that a three-   anticipation that two and a half hours of a
not appear on the shelf,   shelf truck of books will be shelved     four hour shift will be comprised of shelving
but can be most likely     in about 45 minutes (up to 60            and shifting. The remaining hour and a half
found in the sorting       minutes if the truck holds music         will consist of pick-up, unloading, sorting and
room.                      scores or children's books).             tidying.

                                                                    The only target set is the length of time it
                                                                    takes to reshelve a truck of books -- this is
                                                                    part of the shelving training and monitoring.
                                                                    It also depends on the type of materials
                                                                    being reshelved.

                                                                    No specific targets or performance
                                                                    measures other than to maintain the 24 hour
                                                                    reshelving pattern as much as possible. A
                                                                    full-time staff member acts as "Shelving
                                                                    Coordinator" and reports regularly to the
                                                                    Head, Access Services on shelving activities
                                                                    and the status of specific shelving projects
Internal                   No                                       (ie. shifting, weeding, etc).

                           Approximately 140 items per hour
Minimum rate: 120 per hour, but
varies according to

                                  Shelf-reading - each staff member for half
No target                         an hour a day.

No hourly target due to low
circulation and maintenance of
standard.                         Shelf-reading on a daily basis.
Over what period of time and days of the          Is shelving carried out by permanent
week do you undertake shelving?                   full-time employees or casuals?

During the regular academic year shelving
begins at 1pm and goes on until the library       Casual employees, with full-time
closes.                                           students given priority when hiring.

Shelving occurs all hours that the library is
open, although larger crews shelve during         A combination of regular staff and
standard work hours.                              students.

Shelving is carried out during library hours of
operation, but not during the library's new
extended opening hours (11pm - 2am).              Full-time and part-time (student) staff

                                                 All shelving is done by full-time staff.
                                                 Traditionally casual (supernumerary)
                                                 employees are employed to shelve
Shelving is done every day (the the exception of when needed, but this has not
days closed in conjunction with summer, winter, happened for the past 18 months (Jan
fall and spring academic sessions).              06 - June 07)
                                                 A mix of people undertake shelving, with
Shelving is done all day and in evening,         a special classification called 'library
depending on the library.                        shelver'.

                                                 Full-time employees

Shelving begins at 9:a.m. each day during the
busy fall and winter semesters. Books are
picked up from the tables by students first thing
in the morning and reshelved immediately. On
weekends, the books are picked up and
returned to the main sorting shelves. If time
permits student assistants do some shelving
during the evening shift. During spring and
summer semesters full-time staff shelve during Full-time permanent staff, contract staff,
the day, every day.                               student assistants.

9 full-time employeers and 3 seasonal
employees. Weekends, one full-time staffer
Saturday and Sunday until 7 with additional      Full time employees, seasonal
student help.                                    employees, students.

Stauffer: From Monday to Friday there are two
3-hour shifts from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. and from
1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Journals are shelved twice
per day. Shelving happens in the evening only
when time permits. On the weekends, material Stauffer: Casuals shelve. Permanent
is picked up once and then shelved (3 - 5 hours staff volunteer to shelve during the
per day).                                       crunch periods.
Music, Engineering Science, Health
Sciences and Law: Evenings and weekends
only (seven days per week). There are no set
shifts (usually completed in two hours). The    Music, Engineering Science, Health
sorting areas are cleared on a daily basis.     Sciences and Law: Casuals shelve.

Education: One permanent staff member
shelves in the mornings (2-3 hours). Casuals   Education: Permanent staff and
shelve in the evenings and weekends (2 hours). casuals.
                                               Special Collections: Permanent staff

                                               The majority of shelving is done by part-
                                               time regular employees. There are two
                                               full-time workers who split their time
                                               between stack maintenance work and
                                               loan desk work, and student assistants
7 days a week: morning, afternoons, and in the employed during the fall and winter
fall term, evenings.                           terms.

Shelving of returned items is scheduled
between 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays. Some
shelving occurs on week evenings and
weekends [at Davis] depending on how busy
the circulation desk activity is.

 During term (Sept - April) Mon-Thurs 8am-
6pm; Fri 8am-5pm. During Spring/Summer
(May-Aug) Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm.                     Part-time permanent employees only.

Shelved daily in the afternoon and evenings     Casuals (students)
Most reshelving is done in the first 4 hrs of the
day and the last 6 hrs                              Full-time continuing and students

Mostly b/w 4 pm and closing. Saturday and
Sunday - shelving conducted as required.            Casuals

Daily in the evening Monday to Thursday, the
afternoon on Friday and early on Saturday and
Sunday.                                             Casuals (students)
One of the key characteristics of shelving at MUN is the practice of keeping
all materials to be re-shelved at a single location behind the circulation desk
until the shelvers load up their trucks and head toward the stacks. This
allows circulation staff to check one handy location. Obviously, if there are
no books on the shelf in the call number range indicated, they are in the
process of being reshelved. This system limits the necessity of an
intermediate designation in the circulation system.

There are 6 libraries at Queen's - Stauffer (humanities and social sciences),
Douglas (engineering and science, and music/special collections) and faculty
libraries (Education, Law and Health Sciences)
Data received for 4 libraries: Steacie Science and Engineering Library, Main Scott Library, Frost Library at Gelndon campus, Br
rary at Gelndon campus, Bronfman Business Library.
Contact details
University               Name      Position    Address                              Phone/Fax
University of Alberta    Karen Adams
University of Calgary    Darlene Warren
                                              Carleton University, Room 360H
                                              Maxwell Macodrum Library       1125   Tel: 613 520 2600
                                              Colonel Br Drive        Ottowa        ext. 8260
                       Margaret    University Ontario              Canada K1S       Fax: 613 520
Carleton University    Haines      Librarian 5B6                                    2750
Concordia University Curran
                       Carolynne             University of Manitoba    Winnipeg     Tel: 204 474 8749
                       Presser   Director of Manitoba,            Canada R3T        Fax: 204 474
University of Manitoba           Libraries 2N2                                      7583
McMaster University
Memorial University of Ralph     Manager - QE II Library                   St.      Tel: 709-737-3189
Newfoundland           Tapper    Library     John's NL             Canada
                                 Facilities A1B 3Y1
                       Weir                                                         Tel: 613 562 5880
                                                                                    Fax: 613 562
University of Ottawa               University Librarian                             5195

                         Sharon   Head,        Stauffer Library                     Tel: 613-533-
                         Musgrave Access       Kingston, ON                         6000 ext.74544
Queen's University                Services     Canada K7L 5C4
University of Regina     Carol    University   Dr. John Archer Library              Tel: (306) 585-
                         Hixson   Librarian    University of Regina          3737   4132          Fax:
                                               Wascana Parkway         Regina, SK   (306) 585-487
                                               Cana da S4S 0A2

University of Victoria   Marnie Swanson
University of Waterloo   Mark Haslett
Univcersity of Windsor   Joan Dalton
York University          Cynthia Archer

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