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									                                  2012 Pre-NACBAIT Classic
                                   Hosted at the Blue Barn
                                     Memorial Sports Complex
                                       1040 Tuckerton Road
                                       Marlton, New Jersey

                  Court 1                       Court 2                           Court 3
 830 (W)PhillyLadySuns A-NYSabresB   (F) Rutgers-Fastball C            (X)NY Sabres A-Lady Suns B
 915 (O) Philly Suns A-Md CBC        (P) Md GoonSquad-NY Falcons       (F) Philly Suns B-SJ CBA
1000 (A)Mark FCCM- NY USAB A         (B)Phila Fastball A-Tor Dragons   (W) NY Lady Rockits-Sabres B
1045 (O) MD CBC-NY USAB B            (B)Phila Fastball A-NY Cruisers   (X)Phila Fastbelles-LadySunsB
1130 (W)Lady Suns A-Lady Rockits     (P) Wash CYC B-Md Goon Squad      (F) SJ CBA- Fastball C
1215 (O) NY USAB B-Philly Suns A     (A) Wash CYC A-Mark FCCM          (F) Fastball B-Rutgers
 100 (P) Wash CYC B-NY Falcons       (X)Phila Fastbelles-Sabres A      (F) Fastball B-Philly Suns B
 150 (B)Tor Dragons-NYCruisers       (A) Wash CYC A-NY USAB A          W Consolation W3rd v X3rd

 240 Womens Semi 1                   Open QF1 P2nd-O3rd                Friendship QF 4th-5th

 330 Elite QF B2nd-A3rd              Elite QF A2nd-B3rd                Open QF2 O2nd-3rd
 420 Open Semi 1 O1st-QF1            Womens Semi 2                     Friendship Semi 1

 510 Elite Semi 1                    Elite Semi 2                      Friendship Semi 2

 600                                 Womens Finals                     Open Semi 2 P1st-QF2
 650                                 Friendship Finals                 Open Finals
 740                                 Elite Finals (whichever court is first available)

       Elite Pool A                  Open Pool O                       Womens Pool W
       Markham FCCM                  Maryland CBC                      New York Lady Rockits
       New York USAB Warriors A      New York USAB Warriors B          New York Sabres B
       Washington CYC A              Philly Suns A                     Philly Lady Suns A

       Elite Pool B                  Open Pool P                       Womens Pool X
       New York RL Cruisers          Maryland Goon Squad               New York Sabres A
       Toronto Dragons A             New York Falcons                  Phila Fastbelles
       Phila Fastball A              Washington CYC B                  Philly Lady Suns B

       Friendship Pool F
       Phila Fastball B
       Phila Fastball C
       Philly Suns B
       Rutgers Scarlet Knights
       South Jersey CBA

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