Comedy in Love or Love in Comedy: As You Like It by anisur066


									                  Comedy in Love or Love in Comedy:
                         “As You Like It” by W. Shakespeare

The theme of love mostly dominates the whole play “As You Like It” by W.
Shakespeare in spite of all the threatening aspects of the play. The play begins
with conflict of the two brothers, jealousy of court and murder plan. These
obviously don’t give the audience any scope to think about love. They are kept
in anxious about the future of the play_ what is going to happen? But as soon as
the play moves towards the Forest of Arden, the audience can see the ray of
hope that something good is going to happen.

Love at first sight is one of the characteristics of pastoral romance tradition. So,
we can see that all characters were affected by this cardinal aspect of love.
Nonetheless, each love affair is different form others and gives the dramatist an
opportunity to analyse love with its various dimensions. Therefore, like the
other romantic comedies, this play also ends with marriage and happiness.

In fact the romantic love in the play begins with the encounter of Rosalind and
Orlando in the wrestling match. The innocence and immaturity of Orlando
touch the heart of Rosalind and she fells in love after the glorious victory of
Orlando. It was her generosity that she gave him her necklace as a token of love,
though there was a fear of her uncle.

Rosalind shows her witticism in her love expression. In fact she is passionately
in love with Orlando but never express it. Rather, she keep continues to test the
boy, playing love game one after another. Orlando expresses his love in verse_
                 Form east to western Ind
                 No jewel is like Rosalind.

In spite of her manly disguise, Rosalind’s passion becomes unbound when
Orlando is late at the appointed time. She becomes excessively delighted when
she comes to know that none but Orlando is the composer of the verse on the
tree which is addressed to Rosalind. When Orlando became “sick”, Ganimed
that is, Rosalind came forward to “cure” his love sickness. All these are peculiar
indeed. However, here follows the romantic verse by Rosalind for the lovers.
                   No, no Orlando, men are April when they
                   Woo, December when they wed! Maids are
                   May when they are maids but sky changes when
                   They are wives.
As a romantic lover Orlando also plays his role as typical country lover. He
claims that he will simply die if he is rejected by Rosalind. But this is also
criticized by Rosalind.
Another love affair between Touchstone and Audrey is quite different from the
previous love affair. Audrey, the country shepherdess is addressed as an ugly,
uneducated. She becomes agree to marry Touchstone as soon as he proposes. In
fact, she does not love Touchstone but his courtly status. On the contrary,
Touchstone is moving by his utmost sexual desire. He does not want waste his
time by wooing someone but marry. He also prefers someone who did not waste
her youth in wooing. This kind of love is earthly most. Here love is not that love
which one is believed by Rosalind and Orlando.

The love affair between Phebe and Silvious is mostly mocked by Shakespeare
rather than celebrated. Phebe, the shepherdess of Forest of Arden is attracted by
Silvious, another shepherd. But Phebe does not love Silvious because she is
continuously wooing to Ganemade that is, Rosalind in disguise. The more
Rosalind wants to push her towards Silvious, the more she becomes affectionate
by Rosalind. However, at the end of the play Phebe accept Silvious, though it
seems artificial to the audience.

Another love relationship between Celia and Oliver is a hasty one. As soon as
they saw each other, they fall in love. Oliver, the brother of Orlando who at
previous want to kill his brother, now being in love wants to give all his
property to Orlando and wants to be a shepherd in the Forest of Arden.

The love between Adam and Orlando is an innocence one. Adam, the lifetime
servant of Rawlan De Boys and his son Orlando is a pious and lovable man. He
loves Orlando very much and wants to gives all his earned property to Orlando
at the time of Orlando’s escaping to Forest of Arden. In fact, Adam saves the
life of Orlando.

The innocence sisterly love between Celia-Rosalind is remarkable. Their love
surpasses the ordinary sisterly love of the world as one follows other like
shadow. Their life in court, their escape to Forest of Arden shows the pure
sisterly love for each other.

We can see that love, the commonplace theme of authors is skillfully handled
by Shakespeare in this play. Unlike, the modern love stories there are no social
and family barriers in love. So, love and its effects on human personality is the
main concern of the dramatist in the play, “As You Like It. It also shows how
love for property and authority brings destruction where mere love for human
heart brings about regeneration.

Like all others his great episodes of love, Shakespeare tries to show that there is
a feeling of pity in love. A sense of pity arouses love. So, also happens to it in
the play, As you Like It. Rosalind falls in love with Orlando because she felt
pity for his innocence and unprofessional manner as a wrestler.

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