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									 On the Move
             Herb                         Mark
             Cunitz,                      Kinoshita,
             Horton-                      Callan
             works                        Associates
              The Sunny-                  The San
              vale open-                  Francisco
              source                      indepen-
platform for storing,        dently owned invest-
managing and analyzing       ment consulting firms
data named Herb Cunitz       named Mark Kinoshita
president. Recently, he      vice president. He is
was vice president of        a former business
global field operations      development officer at
for the cloud applica-       Comerica Bank.
tion platform division at
VMware.                                   Timothy
             Hugh Davis,                  Bridgelux
             Westpak                        The
             The San                        Livermore
             Jose prod-                     developer
             uct and                        and manu-
             package         facturer of LED lighting
             testing lab     technologies appointed
named Hugh Davis vice        Timothy Lester chief
president. Before his        financial officer. Previ-
appointment, he was          ously, he served as vice
site manager at the          president of finance and
company.                     corporate controller at
                             the ASIC design house
             Ross Fubini,    eSilicon.
             Partners                     Oscar
             The Menlo                    Marquez,
             Park global                  Total
             capital firm                   The Red-
appointed Ross Fubini                       wood City
as venture partner. Pre-                    provider
viously, he was a partner    of tools to combat the
at Kapor Capital.            growing threat of cyber-
                             crime appointed Oscar
             Rob Gatto,
                             Marquez chief product
             Aggregate       officer. He is former
             Knowledge       chief executive officer at
              The San
              media                       Lee Mc-
              intelligence                Cracken,
company named Rob                         Diagnostics
Gatto president. Recent-
ly, he was chief executive                The Red-
officer at PointRoll.                     wood City
                             that focuses on guiding
                             cancer care appointed
             Wilbur-Ellis    Lee McCracken chief
                             executive officer. Previ-
              The San        ously, he held positions
              Francisco      at Prometheus Labora-
              distribution   tories.
and marketing of plant
protection, seed and nu-
tritional products named                  Jeff Osorio,
Troy Johnson vice presi-
dent of Midwest opera-                      The Fre-
tions. Previously, he was                   mont solar
managing the opera-                         cell pro-
tions in South Dakota.                      vider and
                             taic (PV) solar module
             Kwangsoo        manufacturer named
             Kim,            Jeff Osorio chief finan-
             USS-            cial officer. Recently, he
             POSCO           served as CFO at Skyline
             Industries      Solar.
              The Pitts-
burg provider of cold-                    Henry
rolled, galvanized and                    Wasik,
tin mill products from                    Joyent
hot rolled steel named                     The San
Kevin Kwangsoo Kim                         Francisco
president. Before his                      cloud infra-
appointment, he served                     structure
as general manager of        company appointed
stainless steel and mar-     Henry Wasik chief ex-
keting at the company.       ecutive officer. Recently,
                             he served as president
                             and CEO at Force10

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