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									Letter of reference, sample reference letters
Letter asking for reference 468 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., May 5, 1923. Mr. William Moyer, Triumph Hosiery Co., 4000 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa. My dear Mr. Moyer: I am looking for a position as cashier with the Bright Weaving Company. My duties there would be similar in every way to my work in your office, and a recommendation from you would help greatly. Mr. Sawyer, the first vice-president of the Bright Weaving Company, knows you personally, hence an opinion from you would have particular effect. Your kindness would be deeply appreciated, as have been all your kindnesses in the past. Yours very sincerely, Philip Rockwell. Sample letter for a reference HADDON IRON WORKS PHILADELPHIA, PA. April 30, 1917. B. F. Harlow & Co., Paterson, N. J. Dear Sirs: More Free Templates & Sample Letters at onlinejobwatch.com

Philip Smith has applied to us for a position as steamfitter. His application states that he has been in your employ for three years and that he is leaving to take a position in this city. As all applicants are required by us to furnish references as to character and ability, we shall appreciate your giving us the following information. Very truly yours, (Handwritten) Samuel Sloane, Employment Manager. Is his statement correct? Are his character and habits good? Had he the confidence of his employers? Can he fill the position for which he has applied? Remarks: Signed Dated

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