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									Job application letter for position as stenographer
Application for position as stenographer
648 West 168th Street, New York, N. Y., April 4, 1922. Mr. B. C. Kellerman, 1139 Broad Street, New York, N. Y. Dear Sir: This may interest you: I can take dictation at an average rate of 100 words a minute and I can read my notes. They are always accurate. If you will try me, you will find you do not have to repeat any dictation. I never misspell words. I am nineteen, a high school graduate, quick and accurate at figures. I have a good position now, uptown, but I should prefer to be with some large corporation downtown. I am interested in a position with room at the top. I am willing to work for $18 a week until I have demonstrated my ability and then I know you will think me worth more. A letter or a telephone message will bring me in any morning you say to take your morning's dictation, write your letters, and leave the verdict to you. Will you let me try? Very truly yours, Edith Hoyt. Telephone Riverside 8100

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