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									Night Time Driving Hazards
Driving at night can be dangerous since there are many different unforeseen incidents that may
                                                           emerge. Many drivers are used to
                                                           driving during day time—when the
                                                           sun is bright and cars and
                                                           pedestrians are visible. Once the
                                                           sun sets, however, the chances of
                                                           car accidents increases since drivers
                                                           are not as careful or not as vigilant.

                                                                 In order to be aware of these
                                                                 driving dangers, here are some
                                                                 night time driving hazards:

    ● Bad visibility. Often times drivers admit to having poor visibility at night. Fewer things
      can be seen once the sun goes down and drivers are very dependent on light for clearer
      vision. One way to avoid hitting vehicles at night is to turn on your headlights one
      hour before the sun sets. This way, you will not forget to turn on the headlights and
      oncoming cars will be able to see you as well.

    ● Tired drivers. Driving at night can bring about many sleepy and tired drivers. Not having
      much light can also make travelers drowsier which in turn makes them less attentive out
      in the road. If you are driving at night, make sure you switch shifts with another driver. If
      you are a lone driver, use rest stops or pull over if you catch yourself drifting off. Do not
      take the chance of driving while you are drowsy since your chances of getting into a car
      accident may increase.

    ● Intoxicated drivers. Believe it or not, while DUI driving is illegal, many people still
        partake in this hazardous behavior. During night time, the number of DUI drivers
        increase as more people are prone to binge drinking at night time. Even if you are being
        a careful driver, others are not. Be careful and wary of any suspicious driving—weaving,
        slow driving, or fast driving—and do not be afraid to call the cops if the driver is posing
        as a threat to safety to other drivers and passengers.
Night time driving can prove to be dangerous if you are not aware of the dangers lurking in the
roads. Always stay attentive out in the road and be a defensive driver lest there be negligent
individuals out in the road.

Author Bio: Katrina Sanga is a content writer for The Accident Attorneys’ Group.

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