Student Training Guide (Pub 4491) Using PowerPoint Slides The by RodneySooialo


									                         Student Training Guide (Pub 4491)
                             Using PowerPoint Slides

The following are guidelines on how the PowerPoint slides should be used when
teaching from the student guide (Pub 4491). It also assumes that instruction will include
use of TaxWise software in class along with other reference materials (i. e. Pub 4012,
Pub 17, etc.):

      Each PowerPoint presentation was designed to follow an individual lesson plan
       in the student training guide (Pub 4491), using the Volunteer Resource Guide
       (Pub 4012), and use of TaxWise in class.

      We emphasize the use of the Volunteer Resource Guide (Pub 4012) as the first
       source of detailed tax law and guidance to be used on-site by counselors.

      The instructor should use each individual presentation as talking points. These
       PowerPoint format slides are available for your use as is or with local
       modifications to fit your personal teaching style or to include local/state tax

      The instructor should use the PowerPoint presentations in conjunction with the
       reading material for each lesson as printed in the student training guide.

      Highlights of this year’s tax changes are included in file ABHighlights2008a. File
       00 SystemNavigation2008a includes TaxWise specific information.

      The goal is to provide a better understanding of the subject presented by
       stressing the main points of each lesson.

      Each presentation should take 15 to 60 minutes depending on the topic
       or complexity of the subject covered in the guide. You should also allow time for
       questions and feedback and working exercises in class. (A sample agenda is
       included with this package.)

      In addition, to the PowerPoint slides, the instructor should use screen shots of
       TaxWise and other documents that support the topic and area covered during the
       presentation of a lesson.

      Using the PowerPoint slide presentation, the instructor should use the Workbook
       problems and exercises provided in Pub 4491W. (One way to integrate the
       problems into the presentations will be provided.)

      Teaching a subject from the lesson and then working with the class to complete
       exercises or problems in class will help reinforce the material covered and
       increase the skill of the volunteer in using TaxWise.

Read Me – PowerPoint Slides.doc         8/27/2008
      Remember, these slides and Pub 4491 are used as teaching tools to help
       counselors prepare accurate tax returns. In addition, when teaching, we should
       emphasis the use of other publications such as the Volunteer Resource Guide
       (Pub 4012), Your Federal Income Tax (Pub 17), the 1040 Instructions 2008, and
       various specialized IRS Pubs and worksheets for specifics of tax law and its

If you have any comments or questions on any of the slides please contact Fred Bates
or Tina Purser Langley via our new Training email account,

Read Me – PowerPoint Slides.doc       8/27/2008

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