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					SEO – what you need to know?
You have no doubt heard about SEO or quite possibly you have received an e-mail from
one of the many Internet Marketing companies trying to sell you SEO services. Before
you can be in a position to decide which SEO supplier is suitable for you, you will need
to understand a few of the basics about the marketing service and the various components
of it. SEO stands for a search engine optimisation and is really just another way of
saying search engine marketing. In order to appear in the search engines results page,
you have two distinctly different options. Option 1 is to simply pay the search engine to
display your website and allow users to click on a link to it. This is commonly referred to
as PPC or paper click. Google Adwords is a well known provider of this service. Option
2 is to entice the search engine to display your website be costed esteemed as highly
relevant to the user's search. This is commonly referred to as an organic search
placement. It is this organic result that Internet Marketing companies
practicing SEO wish to achieve. SEO is the science and practice of positioning your side
so that Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing proceed your site to be a
highly relevant in response to a search. Each search engines of course has its own truly
unique algorithm which they use to decide which websites to display as relevant to the
users search but all are based on the general objective of identifying relevant content.
The more relevant the content of your website is to the user's search and the more
relevant external references to your site that you have, the more likely it is that the search
engine will display your website in the top results. There are many other variables such
as quality and age of your domain name, location of your business, structure of your
website but let us focus on the principle factor being that of content and it's correct
placement. In a nutshell, the objective is to correctly author relevant content bearing in
mind the search engine algorithms and then to correctly place that content so as to gain
the attention of the search engine but without offending it. So in theory it sounds fairly
straightforward, however in practice there are several common mistakes to be avoided.
The most common mistake is contracting andSEO company whose objective is simply
the bulk of placement of links and other SEO techniques without a sound Internet
Marketing strategy behind it. These techniques are easily identified by the search engines
such as Google can result in your website being negatively listed instead of positively
listed. Google worked very hard to protect the quality of its search results as of course
this is its primary value to Internet users. To allow a website to creep into the page one
results based purely on volume or spam type linking and content publishing would
seriously undermine its product. With this in mind it is obvious that for your Internet
Marketing strategy needs to also consist of SEO consultancy and a correctly designed and
paced content strategy. Head Started Solutions can study your website and your
competitors can create an Internet Marketing strategy that over time will reliably
consistently place you in the first page of Google results for targeted search phrases.

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