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									Michael Jackson and the Power of Intention
Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

OMG... I just finished watching Spike Lee’s Bad 25...the documentary on Michael Jackson and
the making of his 1987 album, Bad.

The documentary aired on ABC over Thanksgiving and I was so bummed that I missed it.

                                                Michael Jackson Power of Intention

I love Michael Jackson.

Always have.

(In fact, he’s actually one of my former future husbands...lol!)

So, when I was on Twitter and saw a tweet that you could still catch it online, I dropped
everything and logged on.

I can watch Michael Jackson in action all day. I still watch his video marathons for hours on end.

Sometimes I’ll hop on YouTube just to check out one video and then next thing you know three
hours have gone by.

So it was super cool to get to go behind the scenes of the making of this great album.

One of the things that impressed me the most was the way Michael set Intentions.

It was on a whole other level than the way the regular crowd sets intentions.

In Bad 25, there is a mention on his power of intention when describing how he intended to sell
100,000 copies. Then Michael put all of his energy into achieving that.

Even when writing and recording his music, Michael set an intention on how he was going to
perform it live in front of 60,000 people,
It’s kind of ironic how that message and theme really struck me today.

Well maybe not.

It’s actually the third time in 24 hours that I have heard
about the power of intention.
I heard about the importance and the power of intention yesterday when I was listening to a
training call and then again this morning when I was on a webinar... and then


God and the Universe pulls out the Ace in the Hole...Michael Jackson.

They know exactly how to get my attention.

Put Michael Jackson in front of me and I will stop dead in my tracks, every time.

            Click Here to Watch “Bad 25”

So apparently the third time is the charm for me when it comes to the power
of intention.

I guess that is what I need to take a close at now.

The thing that I am learning about intentions is that you have to be clear...super, super clear.

So clear that you when you describe it to a 5-year old child he or she will remember it.
It’s funny, because I remember watching the Oprah show over the years and recalling how Oprah
always spoke about the importance and power of intention.

I understood the concept, but it certainly is a lot bigger and means a lot more than I imagined.

Especially as I aspire to achieve bigger and better things in life.

And I fully Intend to make that happen!

If that sounds like you too, click here and check this out!

(It’s the amazing thing I’m doing to make sure I live the life of my dreams.)

I’ve been watching Michael Jackson for most of my life. He still continues to inspire and I am
grateful for his lesson on the power of intention.


Be Bold. Come Along.

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