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Four Laws of The Mind Essential for Effective Self Hypnosis


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis helps clear you mind and allows you to get to the root of your
     problems and resolve them. Hypnosis can help the unconscious mind to replace feelings of discomfort with
                                         pleasant comfortable feelings.
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                             Four Laws Of The Mind Essential For Effective Self Hypnosis
                                                                   By Abbas Abedi

   To make your self hypnosis effective you need to be aware of certain principles. If you are not aware
of the following laws of the mind then you may end up creating the opposite of what you desire with
your self hypnosis practice.

1. Every thought affects the body as well.

In other words, although the mind and the body are understood to be separate in practice it doesn’t
work that way. Mental stress can create knots in your back or even give you ulcers. Therefore, Be
aware of your thinking. If you are negative all the time to yourself or about your surroundings it is the
same as negative self hypnosis.

2. What you expect tends to be realized.

  If you wake up telling yourself you will have a bad day you probably will. In other words your
expectations drive your results. Negative expectations is the same as negative self hypnosis.

3. Imagination is stronger than knowledge.

  You ‘know’ that ghosts and monsters do not exist. Yet hearing ghost stories at night will create fear.
Especially if sitting around a campfire in a forest. There is no contest. Imagination will always win.
Another point for the importance of positive thoughts and visualizations in your practice of self

4. What you resist the most stays with you.

   Have you ever had to stop doing something and found that its more difficult than you realized?
Maybe you have had occasion to go on a diet and suddenly foods that you couldn’t have cared less
about start looking very appetizing? Maybe there was/is someone who irritates you and you know there
is no reason to. So you try to keep the irritation away but it gets to you even more?

  I could go on and on with examples. Basically, when you resist something it tends to stick. This
happens because when you resist you have to think of the very thing you are trying to resist, so it’s

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

continuously on your mind.

It’s as if someone told you that they would give you a $1000 if you don’t think of a pink elephant all day.
 I’m sure you don’t spend your time thinking of something as random as a pink elephant. However,
trying to resist that image of a pink elephant with a $1000 on the line would be impossible.

In other words, what you resist tends to stay with you. Which means that in focusing on an affirmation
for self hypnosis you have to phrase the affirmation in the positive. I.e. affirm what you want to achieve
and NOT on what you don’t want.

Follow these four laws of the mind and your day to day thoughts will be more guided in a positive
direction. Of course, your thoughts create your internal emotional states which is the same as self
hypnosis. So you have to be aware of your thoughts to create the state of being that you desire.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 Learn and Do What You Really Want With Hypnosis
                                                               By R. Lions

Do you know what you really want with hypnosis? There are many mysteries in life and one of them
would be the phenomenon of hypnosis. Many are intrigued by the many possibilities hypnosis can
bring into our lives.

 People do not know the full extent of what the mind can do and bring about in a person. There have
been many speculations as to what the mind can do. In the past, there have been many purposes for
hypnosis. It has been used to help solve crime cases. It has also been used to help people regain
certain memories. Nowadays, people even use hypnosis to help people lose weight. They incorporate
hypnosis along with their weight loss program to make it more effective. There are now many ways to
go about in getting what you really want with hypnosis.

 Knowing that there are different purposes and reasons as to why someone would use hypnosis, think
about what you really want with hypnosis. To be able to get a better idea about the world of hypnosis,
you need to remember to keep an open mind at all times to be able to get what you want.

How to get what you really want with Hypnosis

 First of all, think of the things in your life you want to change to be able to determine what you really
want with hypnosis. Do you feel that there are suppressed feelings you want to look into? Have there
been certain traumatic events in your life which make you unable to move forward with your current
situation? Is there a certain wish or dream you have but are afraid to actually pursue? Or maybe you
just have a lot of questions about your past. These are some of the things you can address.

 First things first however, you need to know what you really want to achieve using hypnosis so you will
be able to get the proper advice.

 Once you have decided on what you really want with hypnosis, check your local area for people or
practitioners of hypnosis. Also check the internet to be able to contact people who are well-versed in
this sort of thing. They might be able to give you a better idea on what to do when you are out to get
what you really want with hypnosis. If you would like to address some emotional concerns, try to find a
psychologist or therapist who is also known to conduct hypnosis sessions. There are a lot of renowned
psychologists who actually use hypnosis to further help their clients. That way you will be able to talk to
someone about your problems.

 You can also check out books to get more ideas to help you see what you really want with hypnosis.
There are guides on how one can get hypnotized. These books often place contact numbers of
reputable people whom you can talk to about hypnosis. You can get tips from books on the proper
usage of hypnosis, and how you can improve your life.

 Try looking for people who have undergone hypnosis. Get first hand accounts on what it felt like and
what they had to undergo. This will prepare you and give you an idea to determine if this is something
you will like to undergo. Read up on testimonies to see how hypnosis was able to help people, and see
if it will help you reach a stage where you will have what you really want. This way you will know what
to expect and how to start off getting what you really want. By doing all these things, you will be sure to

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

be able to get what you really want with hypnosis.

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