I Sin Every Number - The Infamous Novel by zevi3


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									Infamous Novel: I SIN EVERY NUMBER

I SIN EVERY NUMBER: Computer problems. We’ve all had them and they are always a pain. Sabrina, a freelance programmer, has recently been experiencing computer problems worse than anything she’s ever encountered before. Disturbing messages and unknown symbols and eerie text. She doesn’t know if they’re merely a practical joke or actual signals from another solar system. But she’s determined to find out. And Dr. Mwang is no help. He’s Sabrina’s best friend as well as a supergenius, but she doesn’t understand why he refuses to investigate her problem and why his attitude toward her has suddenly changed... Formerly one half of the infamous novel, If{Sid_Vicious == TRUE && Alan_Turing == TRUE, ERROR_Cyberpunk();}, which Cory Doctorow commented was an “awesome title,” this version has been extensively revised with new material added, plus it has an extensive introduction explaining the novel’s origins. Jason Earls is the author of How to Become a Guitar Player from Hell, Mathematical Bliss, the Underground Guitar Handbook, Red Zen, Cocoon of Terror, Naked Lesbian Stalker & Other Stories, Heartless Bastard In Ecstasy, Concrete Primes, Zombies of the Red Descent, and other books.

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