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					In this article we will talk about when homeowners should call an electrician for problems they’re having.
There are many types of electrical issues that people run into on a daily basis across the country. Below
we’ll go over the most common electrical problems homeowners face, and possible solutions when
tackling the situation. Remember, safety first. Never attempt any type of electrical work without ensuring
all safety procedures are in place, and that you don’t risk electrocuting yourself.

Problem 1 - The circuit breaker keeps tripping / blowing
We’ve all had it happen at one time or another. The electricity goes out, and nobody knows why. Usually
this happens when there is a storm in the area, but sometimes it happens when you plug stuff into a
socket. When this happens you have to go to the circuit breaker box, and flip the switch to restore
electricity. If the appliance you’re plugging in keeps tripping the circuit breakers you have to consider an
alternative. Usually this happens because of an overload on the circuit.

The first thing you should do is try to re-distribute the power. Find another outlet for your appliance, or
remove an existing one from the same outlet. Usually this will do the trick. If, however, your circuit breaker
keeps going out you will need a new separate circuit for the heavy-load items. If this is your case you will
need to consult with an electrician, and have them come into your home to resolve the issue.

Problem 2 - Some of your outlets are not working
This is a problem that a lot of new homeowners experience when first moving in. They have plenty of
outlets, but when the time comes to use them they don’t provide any electricity. What could be the
problem? The first bit of advice if you’re in this situation is to check to see if the outlet is being controlled
by a switch somewhere on the wall. Many people don’t realize that outlets can be controlled in this
manner, and never give it a second thought. Hopefully this is your case.

If this isn’t the problem then your outlet is probably faulty. The most common reason for this is that the
outlet has been wired improperly to the main circuit. This is where you have to decide your level of
expertise when it comes to electricity. If you know how to check the wiring behind the outlet the first step
would be to check and see if there is a noticeable disconnect from the outlet to the main circuit. If,
however you have never attempted any type of electrical work then it is time to call an electrician to come
and resolve the issue. Usually it’s a simple fix,and won’t cost very much.

One of the greatest local electrician companies in my area is All Trade Home Services. They have
experienced electricians in Tampa that know how to approach the above and many more types of
electrical issues. They come highly suggested from a former electrician myself. Remember, if you have
an electrical problem to always consult with an electrician as they will be able to answer any questions
you may have, and can come to your home to fix themselves.

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