Auckland Chiropractors, North Shore Chiropractic, Helps Migraine Headache Sufferers Get Fast Relief

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					Auckland Chiropractors, North Shore Chiropractic, Helps Migraine Headache
Sufferers Get Fast Relief

Glenfield, North Shore City, NZ - 01-DECEMBER-2012 - The skilled team at
Auckland Chiropractors have been recognized for their success in helping
individuals find safe, natural and fast relief from migraine headache
pain. The chiropractors are committed to providing the care, training,
tools and resources that give patients the ability to enjoy a greater
quality of life and return to their normal activities without fear of
recurring pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Wayne Smith, Dr. Gian Mansell and Dr. Lan
Ling-Mansell shared their focus on meeting the needs of patients. "As a
team we strive to provide people with the care and education that will
help them enjoy a full and active life. People who suffer from migraine
headache pain are often unable to participate in activities that they
once enjoyed. This is often due to many contributing factors that can
trigger pain and severely restrict the function and mobility of the
individual. We work very closely with patients to identify and address
migraine pain in a holistic manner that addresses all of the factors that
are reducing the body's ability to heal. Through comprehensive,
individualized programs patients are able to get immediate relief from
pain and offer the long-term solutions that provide a greater quality of

During the initial consultation patients are given a complete physical
examination that includes x-rays to identify any herniated discs,
misalignment or compression of discs in the spine and neck which may be
restricting proper circulation through the spine. The doctor also asks
questions about the past medical history of the patient, any injuries or
accidents that have occurred, normal exercise, diet and lifestyle of the
individual. The patient will also be asked about other triggers for the
headache pain such as stress or tension, the type of work they do and any
strenuous activities that they may participate in on an infrequent basis.
Testing is conducted to determine the flexibility and mobility of the
individual as well as overall circulation throughout the body.

After reviewing all of the data collected the doctor creates an
individualized wellness program that addresses the immediate pain
utilizing gentle, low-force adjustments that realign the spine, relieve
pressure from discs and restore circulation through the spinal cord.
Other therapies such as massage and cryotherapy may also be used to
relieve swelling and inflammation from the damaged areas and stimulate
oxygen flow to the affected muscles and tissues.

Exercises are provided that are designed specifically to strengthen
muscle groups supporting the spine and neck. In addition patients receive
training in how to reduce stress and tension and increase overall
circulation through the body. The doctor also makes recommendations for
simple changes in lifestyle that will enhance the metabolism and improve
the body's ability to heal.

To get more information about how Auckland chiropractors address migraine
headache pain and provide the safe, fast and natural relief that is
needed to improve health and wellness visit today. Individuals and members of the
press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

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