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					Liss Infant School Annual Status of H&S and Grounds Management


                            NOVEMBER 2011

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Liss Infant School Annual Status of H&S and Grounds Management

On an annual basis a report should be produced regarding the status of Health, Safety,
Buildings and Grounds, for the review and understanding of all Governors. This report is for
2011 and covers all topics in four main sections, Fire, Health & Safety, Buildings and

All H&S required activities, such as reviewing Risk Assessments, are recorded in a Google
calendar. This ensures that the required activity is brought to the attention of both the
Headteacher and the H&S Governor. As soon as the activity is completed the next review
date is added to the calendar.

All aspects of fire prevention, fire management and fire evacuation are covered in the following

2.1 Fire Safety Management Plan
The Fire Safety Management Plan covers all aspects of Fire Safety Management. The basic document
has been created by HCC and has been reviewed and modified as required to suit Liss Infant School.
The document requires an annual review and the latest review was undertaken in July 2011.

2.2   Fire Evacuation Plan
The Evacuation Plan for Liss Infant School was reviewed and approved in July 2011.

2.3 Fire Evacuation Drills
A drill is undertaken every term and the results are recorded in the Fire Management Folder.

2.4 Fire Risk Assessment
This is a large six part document covering all aspects of fire prevention and management. The basic
document has been created by HCC and ensures that all aspects of fire are considered. This
document has been adopted and completed to the requirements of Liss Infant School. This was
reviewed and approved in July 2011.

3.1 Risk Assessments
There are many templates created by HCC for risk assessing various aspects of H&S in the school.
Those deemed applicable to Liss Infant School have been completed and filed. These are then
reviewed annually and are currently all up to date as follows. In addition a Risk Assessment
document is completed for all external trips.

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Liss Infant School Annual Status of H&S and Grounds Management

             Risk Assessment            Last Reviewed                 Risk Assessment         Last Reviewed
1     Cleaning                          17/02/2011        13    Traffic & Pedestrian Safety   25/02/2011
2     General Office                    20/04/2011        14    Traffic on Site               24/03/2011
3     Classrooms                        22/07/2011        15    Icy Conditions                25/03/2011
4     School Hall                       20/04/2011        16    Pond and Water                24/03/2011
5     Children Kitchen in Den           24/03/2011        17    Dogs on School Grounds        Filed but N/A
6     Playground                        17/02/2011        18    Boiler and Plant Room         22/08/2011
7     Climbing and Play Apparatus       22/07/2011        19    Glazing                       24/03/2011
8     Lone Working                      06/05/2011        20    Hot Surfaces & Hot Water      17/02/2011
9     Working at Height                 31/03/2011        21    Legionella                    24/03/2011
10    Moving and Handling               17/02/2011        22    Contractors on Site           24/03/2011
11    New & Expectant Mothers           17/02/2011        23    Food Hygiene                  31/03/2011
12    Stress                            17/02/2011        24    Security                      01/10/2011

3.2 Safety Audits
A Safety Audit of the school and the grounds is undertaken at least every 3 months using the HCC
produced safety check list. All observations requiring actions are passed to the appropriate person
for follow up.

3.3 Health & Safety Audit
This is an annual requirement and was last completed in June 2011. Items noted have all been
followed up and corrected.

3.4 Display Screen Equipment Self-Audit
These are required to be completed by staff using PCs at work. The three members of staff to which
this applies have completed and these will be renewed at 3-yearly intervals as required by HCC.

4 Buildings and Grounds
Overall the building is not in a bad state considering that it was constructed in the early 1970s.

Main items of note are as follows. This is not an inclusive list.

     1. Roof. The main defect of the building is the flat roof which consistently leaks. During 2011
        there have been at least 6 different leaks that have appeared inside the school in different
        places. The roof will continue to deteriorate and cause more problems in the future. This has
        been reported to HCC and we await their response.
     2. Carpets. Some of the carpets in the classrooms have been replaced as they were lifting and
        becoming trip hazards.
     3. Sinks. The classroom sinks are old (and wooden) and require replacement.
     4. Trees. The trees in the playground have not yet caused any issues however they are now
        very tall and also have exposed roots, which will become trip hazards. The trees need to be
        monitored closely and at some time in the future professional assistance may be required.
     5. Car Park. The Car Park at the front of the school has ongoing problems with inconsiderate
        parking which occasionally affect the traffic flow on the main road. Recently there has been

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Liss Infant School Annual Status of H&S and Grounds Management

        an accident which may have been caused by this issue. The car park is under constant review
        and actions are in place to control its use and to encourage sensible parking. The car park
        and its usage will continue to be monitored.

5 Records
Records are maintained for all aspects of Fire management and H&S and filed in the H&S Manual,
the Fire Safety Manual or in the Caretakers files. These include the following:

       Hot Water temperature check at several taps weekly. (Part of Legionella control).
       Emergency Lights – checked monthly by caretaker and annually by approved contractor.
       Fire extinguishers – checked termly by caretaker and annually by approved contractor.
       Portable Electrical Appliances are tested by approved contractor annually.
       All fixed wiring is checked by approved contractor in line with HCC requirements (Landlord
       Fire Alarm, using different call point each time is checked weekly by caretaker and annually
        by approved contractor.
       Fire exits are checked daily by caretaker.
       Step ladders are checked quarterly by caretaker.
       All maintenance and repairs undertaken by contractors.
       All Risk Assessments documentation.
       Fire Drill results.
       Evacuation Plan.
       All H&S and Safety Audits.

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