Show you how to build a permission based list of your customers

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					Customer Contact Solutions

Traditional advertising brings
customers into your business...

             We Focus on Bringing
                 Them Back !
                What Can We Do For You ?
Increase your customer base 3 ways.
- Online advertising
- Networking of local businesses
- Website visitors
Compliment other advertising campaigns.
- By ensuring that when new customers are
attracted to your business we retain them.
We will give you the tools to communicate
with your customers in between visits.
-We are a full service company that will give you
fortune 500 marketing tools with a small
business budget.

                Show you how to build a permission based list of your
                            customers and stay in contact.
           Why Build a Customer List ?

• Because there is not a single customer that you
  can’t receive more business from.

• Communicating with your customers regularly is
  the easiest way to increase your profits.

• If a customer thinks of you first you will receive
  more repeat business, more referrals and better
  retention of your customer base.

• It’s 5 times more expensive to acquire a new
  customer than it is to satisfy and retain a current

               Communication Is The Key
How Do You Build Your List
    To Begin the Relationship
We Install a Button on Your Website
A Registration Page Appears
Your Customer Instantly Receives a Welcome Email


  Welcome offer that
  brings them back
  into your business

 Thank you note and a
 link to E-Club
Your list is growing, time to send email
             • Reach your most recent and
               active customers
             • Recipients say “YES” to your
               marketing message
             • Personalized content
             • Rich Graphics
                         Email Your Customers!

•   Personalized
•   Printable Coupons
•   Easy Unsubscribe
•   Privacy Assurance
•   Rich Graphics
•   Links to Your Site
•   URL Tracking
•   Can-Spam Compliant
•   Send to a Friend
We Prove Our Results
How Popular Has Email Become ? asked 10,000 people questions on e-mail
              and this is what they said.

• 45 percent of respondents say the first thing they do when they wake up in
the morning is check their email – Often before brushing their teeth.

• 80 percent of people reported that the first thing they do upon returning to
the office from lunch is check their email – Even before checking voice mail.

• A staggering 85% say they now prefer communicating by email rather than
the phone – Primarily because of e-mail’s ability to get straight to the point.
Permission Based Marketing Gets Results
  We Include Your Ad On E-Club Canada

• An   advertised website.

• Visitors are offered V.I.P.
savings instantly and it’s 100%

• A place where people go to
join different E-Clubs of local
businesses that they are
interested in.

• A great place for people to
see your business advertised
and in turn grow your database
and gain new customers.
Boston Chef’s and Red Lobster Respond

• ‘’More important than having a Web site is having an email
  newsletter” says Paul Schiavone’ president and general manager of We send out a newsletter twice a month and we
  encourage all our clients to create one. These newsletters, for
  which customers voluntarily subscribe, serve as what Schiavone
  describes as an active marketing tool. Limited time promotions,
  special deals, including coupons, are common inclusions in the
• Michael Freedman, interactive marketing manager at Red Lobster,
  says email marketing is one of the most effective ways an operator
  can target a desired customer base without investing a lot of money.
  “ Email is so much more efficient than a Sunday circular or coupon”
  he says.
• Friedman began with a distribution list of 35,000 and now Red
  Lobster has grown their newsletter base to 785,000 active members
  establishing a two way dialogue with guests.
We Make Your Marketing Easy!

                                             No Software
No Hardware

                       No IT Staff

 Designed specifically for small to mid size merchants
        Full Service…we do it all!
• Individually Assigned
  Campaign Managers
• Interact with your
  marketing team regularly
• Host and management of
  your list
• Implement and share list
  building ideas
• Design marketing collateral
• Oversee the entire process
  from list building to delivery
            One Time Set Up Fee --- $495.00

• Receive   2500 E-Club cards to give to your customers.
• E-Club sign up box on your website.
• E-Club registration page designed with your custom preferences.
• Email auto responder for every person that joins with a personal thank
you and a coupon or special offer.
• Your logo, link to your website and incentive on E-Club Canada.
• Flexibility to make ongoing changes at no extra charge.
• No long term commitment …… 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


   Your                    Your
Bottom-line              Customers

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